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    OK. I love WindowsPhone. I've posted this repeatedly in many threads here. I was an early adopter and I stuck with it through thick and thin.

    Yes, I am slightly concerned that we are attaching ourselves to a sunset product, but I hang in there because, to me, the OS is simply the most elegant there is. Period. Sure, it has a LOT of shortcomings. A LOT. It can't automatically port accepted GO TO MEETING invitations to your calendar with the proper information. This is a bug in the core software that I have brought to Microsoft's attention, and it still remains a bug. Also, it can not automatically port in your travel plans the way BlackBerry did. And the lack of Apps truly is a problem. Truly.

    So, I carry Three phones. An older BlackBerry Curve with Playbook, a new Quad Core Android, and my beloved Windows Phone. I used to carry a fourth (iPhone 4s), but the new Quad Core Android does everything the old iPhone did and more with much greater speed and has a much larger screen.

    Why do I carry these phones? Two of them (BlackBerry and WindowsPhone) are GSM so I can swap the SIM wiht ease. If I need things the BlackBerry does well when bridged to the Playbook, I use the Berry. When I can do without I prefer the WindowsPhone. The Android is CDMA so that is the goto phone for Apps. I need control over some devices, have a few music apps that Windows and Berry does not have, and also need some business apps not available on Berry or Windows. It's a real problem.

    I don't mind looking like Ari Gold from "Entourage" wielding more than one phone, but I'd love just ONE phone to use - period. If I had to choose just one, sadly, I'd have to go Android and it pains me to say that. I want WindowsPhone to be my primary phone more than anything, but it falls short of the well-rounded productivity machine that it needs to be for me to use it as the sole primary phone.

    On the bright side, I guess having a CDMA and a GSM with me at all times gives me an edge when it comes to having a better shot at always finding network. On the dark side, it's just a pain traveling with two or three phones and charging all of them and swapping sims in two of them.

    OK, so I'm probably alone in this issue, but I wanted to throw it out there. I love WindowsPhone so much I never give up on TRYING to make it work for me. Then I limp on over to the Android to use the apps. Then back the Berry to handle hundreds emails and texts via BBerry Bridge to my Playbook.

    I'm hoping that some day I see some sign that I can rely 100 percent on WindowsPhone. Praying, actually. ;)

    Oh well, no one said technology would be easy.
    06-19-2015 01:38 PM

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