1. Ahmad Nairat's Avatar

    I've got an HTC 8S which had a windows phone 8, I connected it to a wi-fi network and added my microsoft account creds, then searched for windows update through Settings -> Phone Update.
    it installed couple of upgrades and now it has version 8.0.10501.127 [I think it's GDR3 since I can close screens from the multi tasking screen].

    Now when I search for an update one more time to get the windows phone 8.1, the update screen keeps showing a message of "Your phone is up to date, last checked <x> seconds/minutes ago"

    It's not up to date I still have windows phone 8.1 ahead O_o

    any help with this please?
    07-20-2015 03:29 AM
  2. Ian Too's Avatar
    I take it you have seen this:


    Also, check this(the date and time are important):

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    07-20-2015 04:13 AM
  3. Ahmad Nairat's Avatar
    Hi Ian, Thank you very much for your reply, I wanted to make sure about your steps and tried them over and over again and yet it keeps saying "Your Phone is Up To Date" ..
    I made the settings exactly as how my Lumia 920 is set, and yet it keeps saying "Your phone is up to date" .. isn't there any other possible issue!?

    Thank you so much but this issue is really ******* me off :(
    07-21-2015 05:32 PM
  4. Ian Too's Avatar
    There may be nothing wrong. It could be that your carrier hasn't enabled the update for your device, so your device won't see any updates.

    If so, then you can side-step them using the Windows Phone Preview for Developer's to update your OS. You have to register yourself s a developer and download an app from the store, but you can get all the updates Microsoft have okayed for your device.

    Here is a Windows Central page explaining everything: All you need to know about the Windows Phone 8.1 'Preview for Developers' | Windows Central
    07-21-2015 06:44 PM

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