1. Aswin Rajan's Avatar
    hey guys,
    i used to see the 4G option on my Dads Lumia 822 and on my 920.. However on my 920 it went off, post an update to Wp10 and return to 8.1.
    Currently i've the 930.. and havent seen the 4G / LTE options.. but was wondering if this is again supported by hardware but not activated by firmware..
    Also given that India uses a different LTE band wrt most other countries, was wondering if the 4G (if on board) will be supported... Anybody's seen 4G on their lumia devices in india? (on the network where it says 3G, 3.5G, H, H+ etc - not in the settings.) i have a one plus, and the same sim that i use on the 930, picks up a 4G network, but havent seen this on a Lumia yet.
    07-20-2015 01:22 PM
  2. Aswin Rajan's Avatar
    n 4got to add the reason i started this post is MS has been pushing a firmware update that enabled this for IND devices..Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520. Other viable candidates shud be the Lumia 735, 830, 1320, 1020 / 920?, as well as the new 640 and 640 XL
    07-21-2015 02:39 AM
  3. Harrie-S's Avatar
    India's main 4G is 2300 MHz which most Lumia devices like the 920 and 930 do not support.
    Before Denim you still could select 4G in settings but because this only uses battery MS removed the 4G selection. But now India's providers start to use also the 1800 MHz band and this is supported in Lumia's. So if your carrier uses the 1800 MHz for 4G you can now use it. If your carrier does not use the 1800 MHz band then you only can select 4G in settings but you will not get 4G.
    Hope this answers your question.
    07-21-2015 04:00 AM
  4. Aswin Rajan's Avatar
    Thanks Harrie, for that detailed explanation... would be useful! My query was more if folks are able to use it on their phone... (m familiar wid TD LTE vs FD.. and EVDO standards) Have you managed to get 4G on your network on a Lumia?
    On WP 10 now we finally have an option to choose 3G pref, 2G only or 3G only.. so that's good that we have greater control.
    07-21-2015 04:51 AM

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