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    Until now, I had my outlook contacts, in people hub, and Skype ones (5-6 contacts). I had linked them to the outlook contacts and all went well.

    But until yesterday, I've noticed that ALL my outlook contacts are linked to a new "Skype" profile. I mean, in people hub, no duplication, but when I click on a specific contact, without known Skype account, they show their usual "Outlook, Twitter, Facebook", but also a "Skype" one. If I dissociate this Skype contact, I can't delete it.

    On Skype Desktop, I can see ALL my outlook accounts. They have a telephone icon, unlike contacts which have a Skype account (I see their avatar).

    I thought this was linked to the leaked beta yesterday, but I'm reading that MS have merged skype & outlook accounts a week ago.

    It applies to WP8.1 too. This being said, in people hub on W10 PC, or 8.1 RT, when I edit a specific contact, I won't see that ghos Skype account, except for those who are linked to a real and exisiting skype account (then I see the username in their contact profile).

    I'm a bit confused. When I've asked on forums today, to users having tested the leaked beta, do you have this phenomenon, some will respond yes, others not at all.

    So my assumption would be that it's not linked to the beta, and that MS are migrating accounts by waves.

    Would you confirm/infirm :
    a) go to people hub (on a mobile phone), check for a given contact that you didn't know in Skype if he or she's now Skype connected,
    b) and mention have you installed or not the leaked beta

    so that we can determine if this is "normal", linked to the beta or not.

    Thanks for you cooperation ;)
    09-07-2015 06:28 AM

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