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    I searched but couldn't find any thread about what I'm experiencing at the moment with my Lumia 730.

    My phone is connected to my WiFi network and the status bar shows full signal reception. Some (few) apps work just fine such as Whatsapp and one of my poker apps, however all of the others don't (Store, settings that require online connection, Twitter) and I always get a message saying I'm experiencing network problems. And I'm also not able to use the browsers correctly since most of the sites can't open due to internet connection problems (Google is the only one that works smoothly).

    Here is what I tried: changing the DNS, performed a soft reboot and hard reset. As I suspected, Hard-resetting it proved to be an unnecessary trouble and now I can't even download my apps and use my personal Microsoft account since the phone is reportedly having issues with the network altogether.

    Ps: I recently changed the whole display of the device. Not sure if this may be a cause, but the problem began ever since I got it back from the Microsoft's support store.

    As I said, some third party apps worked and the browsers had no difficulty showing the Google site so it has to be a software problem, right? Not sure how both the soft and hard reset didn't work (Soft resetting used to do the trick all the time).

    ETA: While checking for updates, I got the error 80072ee7. I really can't use any of the settings that requires internet connection.

    Oh, and sorry for my English!
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