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    I bought to my mother nokia lumia 735 I ve set it up and give it to her. After two months of use and online backup with skydrive on, she putted to many times the wrong password to Microsoft store and the account have been locked.

    I cannot recover it because when I created her account I must had mistaken and at the phone number I putted the area code, so now when I ask for recover the automated command sends it to a number like this +30+30xxx xxxx xxx, so I cannot use this command.

    I ve tried three times to recover via the form but I dont have all the info is needed as my mother didn't used an e-mail, also I dont remember the other info is needed.

    So now she has a phone that cannot update the apps and sycronize with skydrive and onenote, and I am afraid that I will not be able to update to win10.

    I try to find a way to

    1.backup the contacts(most important), sms(if possible),photos(very important),videos(veryimportant), sounds(quiet important) to the pc
    2.Reset the phone and create a new account
    3.Restore the above backup-ed data to the new account

    I searched the internet and there is no program available for that kind of backup. Only zune but as i read it cannot save contacts.

    Is there any solution to my problem or I will stuck with a blocked account?
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