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    Two days ago I started having a terribly annoying problem with my Lumia 930 (running WP 8.1). I live in Brazil but the only thing I use in my phone that is in Portuguese is the keyboard, all the rest is in English.
    The last few days my keyboard started pranking me, so to speak. I have deleted both English and Spanish keyboards, leaving Portuguese only, thus eliminating the keyboard language key that used to be on the left of the space key. But now my phone keeps reinstalling both English and Spanish keyboard, and that stupid keyboard language key is back there, shrinking the space key and sending the comma key to the other side!
    And this keeps happening all day long I have no idea why...
    Can anyone help me?

    Edit: the title was edited and "how can I get the language back to Portuguese and stop going back to English?" was added, but that is not the problem. The keyboard language remains in Portuguese, but the language key keeps showing up, which is very annoying to me.
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    10-08-2015 08:10 AM

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