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    running WP8.1 on a Lumia 930 and SP3 (8.1)
    using Outlook on SP3 for calendar and email

    If I add an appoint and have no reminder using Office 2016 on my SP3 the syncing is adding a reminder with what seems to be random reminder intervals. Sometimes it is 18hrs before the event, sometimes 15 mins. So I have been getting reminders in the middle of the night!
    Only seems to happen on new ones, that is, if you edit an existing to a new date then no reminder stays.

    My default setting is 'no reminder' for a new appointment/event.

    It seems this was a bug in Office back in 2012/13 and had returned?
    01-18-2016 05:16 PM
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    twice I have posted this question in the 'open question' slot and both times it has been allocated to a phone forum.
    it isn't a phone problem. altho that's where the most annoying outcome of the problem arises for me.
    it isn't a surface pro problem
    it's a Microsoft sync problem.
    I guess WC doesn't stretch that far.
    thought someone might know tho
    01-21-2016 05:39 PM

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