1. AlejoS_11's Avatar
    Hello everyone!

    I have a Lumia 625 with WP8.1, and a couple of days ago I noticed some of my contacts were duplicated in the people hub, specifically the people I follow on twitter.

    At first I didn't get why, but then I remembered I set up a twitter account on "email+accounts" on settings, and I also activated the option to download the people I follow to the people hub, on the settings of the twitter app, which by the way isn't that great, so I'd really appreciate it if you could recommend me a good alternative, because I've already tried Peregrine and to be honest I didn't like it at all!

    So, the big question is, do I need to set up a twitter account on "email+accounts" or just downloading from the app the people I follow is good enough?

    I started wondering because I remember that a couple of years ago it was possible to add a Facebook account, but it's no longer an option and just by signing up in the Facebook App I still find all the connections on the places I need them, like the people hub and the me tile.

    Anyways, I'd like to know which one of the options can give me the best user experience.

    Thanks for reading!

    02-24-2016 10:50 AM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    Tbh I think you could probably remove the account from "email+acc", unless you have a special reason for it, it serves no purpose. Especially when you upgrade to w10..

    But that's just my opinion :)
    AlejoS_11 and libra89 like this.
    02-24-2016 12:27 PM

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