1. Andros2k10's Avatar
    So i just bought a brand new Lumia 535 2 weeks ago and everything was working perfect until today i woke up. I was using whats app on my phone talking to a friend and everything was alright. Had the phone in my hand then 30 mins later my friend messaged me again and i tried to reply and i realized my touch screen just isnt responding in certain areas. Water has never touched or gotten into the phone and it has never fell before as i said its just a 2 weeks old phone. Whats happening?
    03-19-2016 04:36 PM
  2. GrandGerminator's Avatar
    This phone had loud touch problems when launched. Screen lagging, not responding (when charging) You should check your warranty. A friend of mine did that, they sended the phone back with a brand new touch screen, a bit different from the original one (different captor placement)
    03-19-2016 04:58 PM
  3. Andros2k10's Avatar
    Please help idk what to do :(
    03-19-2016 04:58 PM
  4. Andros2k10's Avatar
    I upgraded to Windows 10 but its still giving problems. I thought it was a Software issue and Microsoft fixed it with a firmware update?
    03-19-2016 09:18 PM
  5. GrandGerminator's Avatar
    It's a hardware issue, have you read my first post ?

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    03-20-2016 05:28 AM
  6. Andros2k10's Avatar
    Yeah i did. I dont even know if i get any warranty where i live. I'll have to go check. After updating to windows 10 the issue kinda went away a bit then came back. It come and goes. But i'l do what you said and go back to the store tomorrow.
    03-20-2016 03:23 PM
  7. Andros2k10's Avatar
    Hey just replying again. I brought the phone back last week and they said they sent it into repair. Si i should get it back this week. I have 1 year warranty apparently. I'll let you know what happens when i get it back
    03-26-2016 12:50 PM
  8. GrandGerminator's Avatar
    Thanks to keep us in touch :) You should get it back with a totally new screen. If they just "update the system" you can send it back. My friend had to send it back twice to get them change his screen :)
    03-27-2016 06:16 AM

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