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    Please answer that how many apps can be installed in a 512 MB tam windows 8.1 phone(For example lumia 820).It includes social apps like facebook, whatsapp and somemore apps like Office lens, Cricbuzz, Vlc player,etc,.... (apps with capacity of around or less than 30 MB).It doesn't include any games.I want to know whether a 512 MB ram phone is suited to install and run 20 more apps (the apps I mentioned above) than pre installed?

    Can anyone please answer these question correctly?
    03-27-2016 02:27 PM
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    The number of apps that can be installed in a device is not determined by the size of the RAM. Look at the size of the internal storage instead. The Lumia 820 has 8GB of internal storage, but only around 6GB is available for convenient use. Doing the math: at around 30MB installation size per app multiplied by 1.5 (approximate expansion size after installation) = 45MB; 6GB / 45MB = 133 - so that gives you around 133 of such apps that can be installed. Take note of the word AROUND. If ever the internal storage space is not enough, you can always install apps on an SD Card inserted into the Lumia 820.

    The number of apps that can run in the background or simultaneously, on the other hand, is determined by the size of the RAM. The Lumia 820 has 1GB of RAM (not 512MB). While it is not easy to determine how much memory each app will need to run in the background, 1GB of RAM is more than enough to have 20 apps running in the background.

    If your question really is for a phone with 512MB RAM, you still should be able to have around 20 apps running in the background. The 512MB RAM often only affects which apps you can actually run (such as graphics-intensive games). Since you mentioned that games are not included, the 512MB RAM should not be an issue.

    You may want to consider battery life more than amount of RAM in having many apps running in the background.

    My answer is "correct" as far as my awareness is concerned. Reference: Nokia Lumia 820 Specifications - Microsoft - UK

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    03-27-2016 02:51 PM

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