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    When WP7 hit the scene let's face it, they were a bit late to the party and that is the BIGGEST reason it doesn't have this HUGE fanbase. Let's also toss a few pennies of blame at the media for more or less ignoring it and just drooling over android and iOS. The attention span of the average person only sees two things battling it out in every way of life.

    Axis vs Allies
    Coke vs Pepsi
    Chevy vs Ford
    World Cup vs Super Bowl (for my international friends :) )

    When it comes down to it, WP7 is just... Switzerland, RC Cola, Kia, the Stanley Cup... that's the category it's in.

    How Microsoft changed this in the video game world which was once just Sony vs Nintendo was they innovated. When the origional Xbox came out it had a hard drive and this fancy new thing a few of you may have heard about called Xbox Live. It helped A TON that they got this great game called Halo as well. People would buy the system just for that game. Just like Angry Birds. People who never had a smartphone or a need for one played it once on their friends device and bought a smart phone just because they could play Angry Birds.

    That brings me to another point, WP7 was late to the Angry Birds party too.

    Anyways back to my video game analogy...
    Sega, Sony, Nintendo, Atari were more or less the pioneers in this industry (as far as making them a house-hold item. Yes, I know the likes of caleco vision and the magnavox odyssey were first.).

    Xbox 360 is just Microsofts second video game console on the market and it currently out-sells the PS3 who had a much, much, much larger fanbase with the PS2 than the Xbox. How did the new kid on the block take over so fast? Think of it this way, Nintendo is like iPhone.. You have fanboys that just WILL NOT LEAVE NO MATTER WHAT because of the brand and that's just the way it is and their fanbase is so huge and stubborn that won't change. Back in the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox days Playstation was seen as the "adult" video game console becuase there were a lot more "mature" games and it had way better graphics. Microsoft again was the new guy on the block that couldn't catch a break but they were more-or less the first system with Angry Birds (Halo) so they got enough support to stay in the game.

    They decided the best way to get a 1 up on their competition was to be the first on the market with the next gen. The Xbox 360 came out a year before the PS3 and Wii and had a few million sales before the PS3 or Wii even hit the shelf. Heck, they were even marred with the "Red Ring of Death" where the first generation of Xbox 360's had a 33% failure rate in which you had to send it in for 2 weeks to get rapaired. That jump on the competition was huge.

    But it wasn't just that, it was the first home console that had an arcade where you could download exclusive little games that were fun for the casual gamer. It was also (and still the only game console) that offers cross-game chat. You can play one game, watch netflix, listen to music... etc while chatting with your buddy half a world away while they are doing something completely different. They were the first with netflix as well, watching netflix on your TV sounds pretty *yawn* today but they were the first game console to do it. They were also the first to have achievements. Heck everything has achievements down, even android and ios games. PS3 added trophies which are pretty much the exact same thing.

    Now I realize that phones don't have the generation gap like video game systems do. But the pricipal is still there. Innovate and be the first to do something that everybody loves. Will Windows 8 have that feature or app that will make everybody want their phones? Who knows? It's tougher in that market and the majority of people are afraid of change. It's easier to just say "well I have had android for years so I am going to stick with that."

    Android had a leg up on iOS basically because they were on other carriers (in the US) besides ATT. Want a smart phone? Don't have ATT? Your only option is Android. Much like how anybody who wanted something better than PS2 or gamecube had to get an Xbox 360.

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    08-14-2012 03:47 AM
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    I see the video game comparison as well.

    WP7 = Xbox
    Android (before ICS) = PS2
    iOS = Gamecube

    Xbox innovated with a built-in HDD, online console gaming and overall better hardware. WP7 innovated with Modern UI, which totally differentiates it from other OS.

    There are phones running with much more powerful hardware running Android than the phones running WP7 is a lot like when Sony kept hyping its hardware for the PS2 and PS3 how it's more powerful than the Xbox and 360 but that was all theoretical since not many devs managed to harness that power. Kinda like how Android is right now with much more powerful hardware on their phones but the OS couldn't kee up with the hardware.

    Nokia is like Bungie; Bungie went Xbox exclusive even though it was huge risk since most of the big name devs weren't on board with the Xbox and were mainly developing for the PS2. Most of the big name OEMs like HTC, Samsung and Motorola are mainly focusing on Android and not make a huge effort for WP.
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    08-16-2012 08:05 PM
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    Great points Lucky.

    Nobody knew who Bungie was until MS got a hold of them and everybody not in europe thought Nokia was dead until MS got a hold of them too. If Nokia (or anybody) who is going to be MS exclusive can do something so innovative that people say "Wow! I'd like to have that!" then I think it's just a matter of time before WP's begin to at least get some serious recognition, more "successful" apps and are just all-around seen as another phone in the smartphone market. Let's face it it's too easy to see lists of "the best smart phones" or any article talking about smartphone competition and completely neglect WP devices.
    08-18-2012 03:20 AM
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    You know what killer feature WP8 will have? Deep skype integration, free calls over wifi supported for Skype and third-party apps (that's right, 3rd party VOIP apps). MS services integrated like never before with SmartGlass, HUGE developer contributions due to the fact so much code is shared between W8 and WP8. And on the Nokia front, Pureview, RichRecording, Nokia Maps, Drive, Transit, City Lens, etc...

    The WP8 OS is also ridiculously future proof, which is why they had to implement it (and left a few users whining about it).

    If I had some $$ to spare I'd buy some MSFT and NOK actions.
    08-18-2012 03:41 AM
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    its more like this to me

    windows phone = nintendo

    because of the live tiles and general feel of the os. it just feels happy

    android= microsoft before windows 8

    the homescreen on android is like the windows desktop. plus there is endless optimization and personalisation options.

    ios= sony playstation 3

    smoothness, integration, cross buy, and even the homescreen remind's me of ios
    08-18-2012 01:15 PM