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    Im not sure if anyones willing to take the bait (let alone the time and effort) but Ive been an enthusiastic observer of this site for the past month and Im strongly considering making the leap to WP8.

    However I think I need one more big push and was seeking some unbiased advise (**** Ill even accept bias advise) as to the pluses and minuses of Windows Phone as it currently is and how it projects to be with what is known about WP8.

    Heres a bit about me: Ive had phones under the previous iteration of Windows Mobile in the past. Most recently Ive had the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 for the past few years but like many Im suffering from iPhone fatigue and Im ready to move on. So my choices are Android or WP. I love the basic UI of WP and the fact that its a presumably emerging OS. Im a bit concerned about losing some basic functionality that Ive become so accustomed to as well as some of the apps. I went on youtube and learned quite a bit including the fact that WP actually had many features that Apples been touting before they arrived on the iPhone! (poor marketing Microsoft??).

    Are there any WP users that have switched recently from other phones that can tell me what you really love about WP and what may be a dealbreaker for someone like me? Any cool fetatures that the average phone user may not know? I realize our tastes are all subjective and one mans treasure is anothers trash but Id appreciate any feedback that you have.
    10-22-2012 11:04 AM
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    I'm moving from Android to WP8 as soon as I can. I've never had a WP device so I suppose we're in a similar boat.

    What has convinced me to switch are a number of reasons. The first being the realization that I don't really use many Apps on my phone. I don't play games on it, I just use it as a phone, a web browser, and a couple other little things. That said, the app selection on WP seems to be more then sufficient for what I need, though I really would like my banks to have apps, maybe they will for WP8.

    Going along with my lack of using apps, what I've seen from WP8 so far leads me to believe that on a fundamental level the OS performs far and away more functionality then my current Android device. I also really like the way everything is integrated eco-system wise. Especially with Windows 8 imminent. Having an Android device I was never really able to streamline my phone interacting with my PC, they've always been separate entities with their own rules. Now, hopefully, my phone and PC will be much more in-tune, which can only be good as far as file sharing, streaming of media, etc.

    And for a little bias nudging, I really like the way the Nokia specific apps look. Especially Nokia Drive. I'm selling my GPS right now because I won't need it anymore. Again, the WP8 phones, especially the Lumia series (920 for me!) seem to be very well equipped right from the start to do just about everything I could want my phone to do. And when it's all incorporated at the OS level, and you don't have to deal with 3rd party apps potentially not functioning well, that gets me excited.

    My wife is getting the iPhone 5 and I have a feeling that she's going to be jealous of my phone. Which is unfortunate, I'm sure that'll be my fault somehow ;-)
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    10-22-2012 11:13 AM
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    Well, I'm perhaps in a similar'ish position, but from another aspect. I've used a Nokia N8 for the last 2 years and I tend to upgrade phones every 2 years, so now I'm looking at a WP8 device.

    When I first got the N8 I was all cheering for being able to do pretty much anything you want on the phone. It was probably even more open than Android is, cos you didn't need to even root/jailbreak it to be free :D The phone is so incredibly packed with features in hardware and in Symbian that it doesnt matter what phone I would pick out there, I would never have all the same feature. However I grew to notice that hey, I didnt even use half of the capabilities of the phone for anything other than the launch day "hey look, i can plug in my mouse to this phone and use the phone with a mouse!" kind of thing.

    So, realizing that at least I personally don't need a "do it all" phone, I decided I could go for something that is a lot more user friendly, fluid and intuitive and fun to use (none of these go for Symbian really, but it sure was powerful in features). Unlike you though, I come from a no-app background. The only apps I ever even looked for in the app store was JoikuSpot for Wifitethering and some Angry Birds-games. I didnt really need apps, cos the phone did everything anyways cos it supported flash in browser (so I could just use the websites rather than watered down apps to do it). So that's why I'm sorta personally not concerned over like app selection, which I know will get going soon after launch. That said, WP8 wont have Flash, so I cant do all the things I did with my N8, but maybe this time I'll use more apps for the purpose :D

    Other reason to go WP8 in my head is pretty much the following: iPhone and Android are the two extremes. iPhone being very user friendly and fluid OS (despite I'm not a big fan of the UI) and has a lot of good apps, but is very restricted and I might almost not call it even a smartphone :D Android then again is capable of just about anything, but unless you are a poweruser, I don't see a need for OS like that. The capability comes with heavyness of the OS and many other things and the UI isnt really anything intuitive. Then we have WP8, it may not be as easy and fast as iOS, but it isnt as restricted either. It may not be as capable as Androids, but it's still fairly capable while still being a fluid and intuitive OS. So I see WP as the midway between the two extremes, and that is why I'm going for that instead of either of those.

    Something I really like in WP compared to the others is integration of many things and services. Having to get an app for everything is like running a mini-OS inside an OS. I really love how WP integrates stuff like Facebook and Twitter to the usual phone contact stuff for example. I love how it has Office (as a university student this is a big thing), but also I have to say that the little hipster in me also likes that it's not mainstream! :D
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    10-22-2012 11:15 AM
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    I switched from Android, and I couldn't be happier!

    I recently sold my HTC One X, and Nexus 7 tablet to go "all in" for Windows 8..

    I am finding that their 'eco-system' is very mature, and everything works really well together.

    Skydrive is a blessing too.

    One of my favorite things about the Windows Phone, in my case a Lumia 900, is the People hub.

    Without going into a single application I am able to post to my FB wall, friend's FB walls, see their photo albums, status updates... and obviously access their contact information.

    -It's also very beautiful. Everything. Hardware, and software.

    It's one of those experiences that seem to 'just work'.

    Only downside you may not like is the lack of apps (which honestly is not THAT bad)... what I am finding is that you really don't need them to 'make' your phone work with WP.

    -Just a few thoughts.
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    10-22-2012 11:16 AM
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    Im just another iOS user (iphone 4) that is bored with it. Ive had iphones since day 1, never had any other apple products, but the iphone was just the whole package back them.

    Ever since... I have been increasingly unsatisfied with the closed hardware. Iphone 5 brought the point to a head, what do you do when the only phone is a bit of a dud? wait a year? buy a 4S and wait for that to get out of date even sooner?

    Been a long time coming, but the stars aligned to move me out of iOS. I was going to have to replace my not so significant investment in cables and accessories for the new plug... Get used to a new map program, the list goes on. I was a baby bird on the verge of flying and momma gave me the nudge at just the right time.

    All that remained was android or WP.

    I like microsoft, Im among the 10s of people that will say such a thing I feel. Most tolerate it with unjustified disdain, but whatever. I think microsoft runs an efficient ship. I think apple is controlling, and I think google flies by the seat of their pants. I never get the feeling that anything I read from android is ever quite buttoned up... updates are released haphazardly, bugs are acceptable, rooting is commonplace. And OEMs seem to be on a never ending battle to see which one can go full retard with some tweak to give them an "edge".

    Despite all this... android does have alot of positives...

    My current plan, give the lumia 920 a shot, and if it doesnt work, take my lumps and swap it for a current hotness android phone. Call it a semi-expensive experiment gone wrong. Or maybe at that point, the "grass is greener" effect will have worn off and I will return to my apple overlords.

    Right now... Im tickled pink over the totally unique features of the 920, the functions of xbox music, and the surface pro. I hope the ecosystem with skydrive fits together as tightly as msoft seems to be building it for, and it should be an amazing combination.
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    10-22-2012 11:40 AM
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    I am not a current smartphone user, but that's b/c I already reasoned that I didn't need so many features on my phone... I also figured without a high paying job, I didn't need a trendy tech gadget with a monthly phone bill. However, I am dying to have even just a mapping app and email on my phone right now!!! Since learning about WP8, I've decided to wait for it over going with an Android. As for the iPhone, I was never up for paying the premium for something I would probably would use for its special functions.

    The main reason I'm going with WP8 is for compatibility reasons. I am upgrading my PC to Windows 8 and using a phone that will allow me to work through both will be awesome. Though the actual capability of switching productivity (what you're currently doing on one device) to another has not yet been confirmed, this would be exactly what I'm looking for. Not to mention, I will be investing in a Surface Pro when it comes out, so easy integration between all my devices would be awesome.

    With that said, I am hoping to hit on my hands until the current phones come out to see what I'll decide. For my own reason, I've counted out the HTC 8X b/c it's capped at 16gb (for those who already subscribe to cloud accounts, that shouldn't be an issue). The Lumia 920 is what I would prefer, but it would have been nice if it had a microsd slot. The Samsung Ativ S looks most likely for me atm, but boy, it's just an ugly hunk of a phone imo. I'm thinking I'll have to bite my lip and hold out till December in hopes that that the rumors are true and that MSFT will be releasing their branded phone in Janaury. PLEASEEEE MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!!! ha ha
    10-22-2012 12:21 PM
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    I switched from my iphone 4 to the Lumia 900. I was bored with the ios and like some stated the apps were getting boring. Apps are really overrated. I have a few games I play on my Lumia 900. What really sold me was the office and skydrive integration. The fact that I can go to any computer and work on a file I was working on with my phone really sold me. I love having office on my phone.
    10-22-2012 12:41 PM
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    ...However I think I need one more big push and was seeking some unbiased advise (**** I’ll even accept bias advise) as to the pluses and minuses of Windows Phone as it currently is and how it projects to be with what is known about WP8.

    Fast and smooth UI
    A Start screen that's live with updates, images, weather, etc
    Integration with Facebook, Twitter and (possibly) Skype
    Fun and vibrant phone designs; superior camera with OIS (Lumia 920)
    Integration with Windows 8 desktops, tablets and Xbox
    Skydrive for cloud storage
    Microsoft Office integration


    Current low marketshare = developers not rushing to port/develop WP apps
    UI might not be as intuitive as people may suggest
    WP8 apps not compatible with WP7.XX devices
    Carriers not consistent on pushing updates across all devices

    FYI, the Samsung Focus was my first smartphone so I can't compare my experience to another platform.

    I hope that all of you considering WP8 will give it a shot. You should get the 920 because it'll be an easy sell should you not like WP.
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    10-22-2012 12:44 PM
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    Thanks for the responses thus far. I realize it's not a life-changing decision. Heck if it doesn't work out I can take it back or sell it on eBay and go back to my comfort zone. However, going to a new OS and all of the periphery that comes with it is almost like switching girlfriends. Sometimes it's not worth all of the hassle. ;) In this case though, I think I'm going to give it a shot. I usually have good instincts (with phones, not women). :D
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    10-22-2012 12:46 PM
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    ...like some stated the apps were getting boring. Apps are really overrated.
    I agree, but having popular apps on WP is a necessary evil for luring those who are heavy app users.
    10-22-2012 12:50 PM
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    I agree, but having popular apps on WP is a necessary evil for luring those who are heavy app users.
    FACT- Apps made for Windows 8 WILL most likely get ported over to Windows phone
    10-23-2012 02:49 AM