10-28-2012 09:45 AM
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    Not only buying it, but I was expecting it. The lack of a true 41mm Pureview Windows Phone 8 Nokia device, changed me as a person, turned me into something darker, into the troll this board so much needed.

    It was interesting seeing the transformation.
    10-28-2012 12:28 AM
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    I think this is a great demonstration of how little of the smartphone revolution is about functionality and capability, versus social status.

    Remember, 3G didn't matter on the original iPhone (neither did the ability to run apps). That was for TreoDorks.

    Then, iPhone got the App Store, and they became MANDATORY. There's an APP for that! Apps are the center of the universe!

    Then, multitasking was a "geek feature that nobody cares about." The Palm Pre was panned for having it. Until iOS got it -- then every OS that didn't have it was "subpar" (I remember WP7 being slammed for not having it by the same people who insisted that it didn't matter less than a year earlier).

    Front-facing Skype over 3G was a "stupid battery-draining gimmick," until Apple came out with Facetime -- then it was a "revolutionary feature."

    Then, 4G HSPA+28 and/or LTE was a "battery-draining gimmick." Until the iPhone 5 got it, then it was a "must have technology."

    iPhone 6 will no doubt deliver NFC, and it will have no more capability than any other ecosystem, but the Apple press will hail it as "NFC done right" and "revolutionary," and iPhone hipsters will beep purchases with their iPhones 18 months after everyone else did it... while insisting that their implementation is "more authentically human" or some such nonsense.
    I think you summed it up fairly nicely.

    Speaking of which, I recently switched back (from WP7) to my older WM6.5 device which has multi-tasking (I'm selling my WP7 device to pay for my WP8 device). In fact, my first Windows Mobile device had apps, multi-tasking, etc before the iPhone existed. Back then the Windows Mobile device was thought of as a 'geek' phone that only nerds who like to tweak stuff used. lol

    I will say though, that going from WP7 (Samsung Focus) back to WM6.5 (HTC Tilt 2) reminds me of how smooth WP7 really is and how great the user experience is. I still enjoy my older WM6 phones, but WP7 was a big leap forward in a lot of ways.
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    10-28-2012 12:36 AM
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    I would also like to mention that apple lost the perceived simplicity of their sales model. The theory is that apple sells one device. Like iPad, which comes in various storage capacities, with or without cellular radios, in 10 inches now or the new 8.

    When you go to the apple store, make sure you don't pick up the old one they are still selling, it has the old 30 pin connector, and you, loyal apple customer, just had to purge all the 30 pin accessories, docks and spare charging cords from your life. So make sure you buy now to take advantage of the lightning connector before they obsolete it with the upcoming innovative 7 pin Lightning2 connector.

    That single model iPad has to now exceed 50 different models for what is essentially the same device. It is just bs.

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