1. aubreyq's Avatar
    After watching today's WP8 conference, I can't help but think the WP8 launch is a misfire. I base this on the following points:

    - Staggered hardware announcements and non-announcements (Nokia and HTC revealed their devices too early; Samsung hasn't said squat)

    - As of this post, little to no information on hardware release dates or pricing

    - Public SDK won't be released until October 30; why the wait?

    - The press conference today (October 29) didn't reveal much except:

    - Facebook lock screen (nice!)
    - Pandora (waiting until "early 2013" sucks)
    - An ATIV Odyssey that had no image. How silly to show a slide with a placeholder like that.
    - Why not talk about the notification row?
    - Why not discuss NFC or MS Wallet? A couple of minutes would've sufficed (they could've borrowed from the excessively long Kids Corner segment).

    - Today's press conference will be overshadowed by news of Hurricane Sandy. This is beyond Microsoft's control, but in essence, the press conference won't be covered by anything except tech media.

    - The US media will be covering election news for the next couple of weeks. Did Microsoft take that into account?

    I gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt hoping some exciting stuff would be revealed. So much for that :P. The good news is that MS will be spending big, BIG $$$ on marketing. Hope it all works out.

    I'm still getting a Lumia 920 ;)
    10-29-2012 02:58 PM
  2. brmiller1976's Avatar
    Watch... they'll advertise with the tagline "available in the coming months." :p
    10-29-2012 03:04 PM
  3. independentvolume's Avatar
    Don't worry bud. Verizon will fix Microsoft's mistakes. Verizon be hitting it hard.
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    10-29-2012 03:04 PM
  4. aubreyq's Avatar
    I'm currently reading Daniel Rubino's overview of WP8 here:

    Overview and review of Windows Phone 8 | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews

    That goes more in line of what I was expecting from the conference. Why am I finding out more from WP Central blog than from Microsoft itself? *scratches head* Well, I guess MS had a different strategy, but today's press conference feels like a bit of a waste.
    10-29-2012 03:13 PM
  5. Reeves's Avatar
    Definitely a missed opportunity.
    10-29-2012 03:34 PM
  6. theefman's Avatar
    Why are you surprised, its par for the course for Microsoft.
    10-29-2012 05:04 PM