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    I just stumbled upon a comparison of the 900, 920, One X and 808. The 920 does quite nicely in this set of tests.

    PureView shootout: Nokia 808 vs Nokia Lumia 920

    Excerpt- Conclusion

    Scores aren't everything, though for anyone totting them up during the piece, the totals (each out of 70) are:
    1.Nokia 808 PureView 61 pts
    2.Nokia Lumia 920 PureView 57pts
    3.HTC One X 34 pts
    4.Nokia Lumia 900 28 pts

    We'll obviously have a lot more on the Lumia 920's camera as part of our formal review coverage on All About Windows Phone, but I'm already able to come to a few conclusions:

    •Given the constraints on phone thickness, the camera in the new 1/3"-sensored Lumia 920 PureView does astonishingly well with the benefit of the OIS. With a sensor that's barely bigger than that in the Android and iOS competition, it produces shots that are often close to the 808's and occasionally better.
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