1. drago_zarantik's Avatar
    Hi all, I find myself in a quandry and hopefully people can enlighten me.

    I began phase one of my upgrade to Windows 8 and Window Phone 8 (from W7/WP7.5) over the weekend by updating my laptop to the latest OS. To cut a long story short, thanks to Sony not providing W8 drivers for the switchable graphics, it all went fubar and I'm stuck in W7 for the foreseeable future.
    So... my quandry is around how well WP8 devices are going to integrate with W7?
    With Xbox Music/WP connector software not coming to W7 (so we're still on Zune), I'm dubious about other facilities such as non-network dependant updates. I'm not feeling very positive at this stage and it's actually swaying me away from staying with the mobile platform.
    Is there any information out there on WP8 to W7, or is the ecosystem entirely based on getting fully onboard with W8/WP8.

    And before any suggests it, the laptops barely a year old so I'm not willing to change it ;)

    All thoughts and info highly appreciated :D
    11-06-2012 07:51 AM
  2. futurix's Avatar
    I plugged my new 8X into PC with Windows 7 and it exploded! :)

    Kidding, it was fine - it shows in Computer as a drive with subfolders for Music, Videos, Pictures, Documents, etc (same as in Windows 8). So apart from a rather lame sync app, you are not missing out on anything by staying with Windows 7.

    EDIT: and all updates are now installed directly on the device, without using PC at all - so again no need for any sync software.
    11-06-2012 10:06 AM