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    I am currently on a regional carrier in the US. They are a CDMA carrier, and they have told me flat out that they have no interest in Windows phone. They have gone all-in on the iPhone (I can't really blame them, I guess), but I am not interested in those, and I'm tired of only getting Motorola phones that never receive an OS upgrade.

    I have had a Motorola Milestone X2 for a year (basically is the Droid X2). There are things i like about Android, but I have several complaints, some of which are very significant. I have been interested in Windows Phones since last year when I got my current phone, but at the time, all Verizon had was the Trophy, and it was already being reported at that time that newer, better phones and an updated OS was on the way, so I didn't want to lock in to 2 years with it. I was able to get the X2 for 1 year.

    That ends this month, so it is decision time. Due to coverage issues, my only real option is to switch to Verizon if i want WP. I am fine with the 8X, as it seems are a lot of folks, though I will admit I'd probably pick the 920 if they had it. So, even though I am in here constantly reading posts and everywhere else reading reviews, I do have a few questions that I am not sure I've seen answers to, so I thought I'd bring them here.

    1. For one, one of my biggest problems with Android is the fragmentation issue...if my phone were upgraded to the latest Android OS, I might be happy with it, who knows. But it wasn't. So for WP devices, are the OS updates carrier specific, or are they pushed out by Microsoft? I have gathered that the manufacturers push out some updates from time to time, but I wondered about the OS.

    2. My phone was great when I bought it. Snappy and responsive, fun to use...as the year has gone on, it has gotten laggy and slow and frustrating to use. I can only assume that as apps are added, that is one factor that contributes to that, as they all randomly seem to run in the background. Does this seem to be an issue with WP? I know most have only used 7 or 7.5, but I wonder if it was an issue anyone saw/sees?

    3. Have any of you gone from Android to WP, and if so, how much happier are you now? :)

    that's the main things i was wondering...may have more later...but let's start there. :D
    11-06-2012 08:42 AM