1. jrdatrackstar1223's Avatar
    I ask because I am really close to just getting a 920 on AT&T, cancelling my contract immediately, and then selling my Lumia 900 (since I currently have Straight Talk). However, I want to make sure two things have at least improved in Windows Phone 8:

    Tell Me voice dictation:

    Have the services improved that dictate your speech? I ask because, currently, they're horrible, and add to the fact that the commands have to be robotic and static make it an even worse experience. I can get over not having natural language support, but I at least need the service to understand me. As it stands, I have to practically be kissing my 900 in order to get even like 80% accurate dictation. I imagine this would really be a server change (perhaps better hardware plays a part too in cancelling background noise...?), so it also makes me wonder why existing devices wouldn't notice improved dictation if they DID improve through server corrections...?

    Keyboard Touchpoint accuracy:

    Prior to Mango, the virtual keyboard of my 1st device (the HTC Arrive) was so good that I actually hated the physical keyboard because it added unnecessary bulk and weight that I hardly used. After Mango, the accuracy of touch point placements/letterbox increasing/whatever got fu'bared up something bad (at least for me and others on this board apparently). It's still better than other OS keyboards, but the fact that I KNOW it could (and should) be better has bummed me. I was told it's better in WP8, so I wanted to get a consensus that is has improved.

    If these things can't be confirmed (or leaks of 7.8 confirm these improvements) then I'll wait...
    11-06-2012 11:05 AM
  2. justin071894's Avatar
    I hope TellMe has been improved. I don't really have to be right up on the phone to hear me, but it does have to be relatively quite.

    As for the keyboard, the only time I have trouble is when using the keyboard in internet explorer or the Bing app. I will always hit the period instead of the space bar.
    11-06-2012 01:23 PM