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07-18-2016 01:43 AM
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  1. chenhogi's Avatar
    whats the app for the florest things ? please someone ?
    Amazing Weather HD:

    Amazing Weather HD | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    04-09-2014 11:19 PM
  2. Praveen Nair1's Avatar
    04-10-2014 12:36 AM
  3. abel920's Avatar
    04-10-2014 10:21 AM
  4. jmerrey's Avatar
    Click image for larger version. 

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    So clean! Well done.
    04-10-2014 11:57 AM
  5. Soulforge's Avatar

    Anime FTW! On my White Lumia 1020 :)
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    04-12-2014 11:21 AM
  6. tajson's Avatar

    From my already sold L520. After the upgrade to 8.1 i'll upload screen from my L820. :)
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    04-13-2014 09:35 AM
  7. Maurice Alexander's Avatar
    Greetings! Here's my start menu from my Nokia Lumia 521

    04-13-2014 01:35 PM
  8. Marconis4's Avatar
    If you're referring to the icons, it's an app called Header Tiles.
    04-13-2014 03:48 PM
  9. tajson's Avatar
    Greetings! Here's my start menu from my Nokia Lumia 521

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    Soooooo long
    04-13-2014 03:49 PM
  10. espana_et's Avatar
    My Home Screen! Shortcut to wi-fi, data, etc was copied from Infra home

    04-13-2014 11:33 PM
  11. raj-lotus's Avatar
    04-14-2014 02:40 AM
  12. vikrant6's Avatar
    Here comes my Lumia 820 with WP 8.1!! I am changing the background pic every half an hour :D

    Sent from my RM-826_im_india_201 using Tapatalk
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    04-15-2014 03:03 AM
  13. HaibaneReki's Avatar
    brace yourselves, 8.1 screenshots are coming!
    04-15-2014 04:22 AM
  14. Rahul D1's Avatar
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    04-15-2014 04:34 AM
  15. Dellacorte's Avatar
    Here we go windows 8.1

    I love the new background option......
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    04-15-2014 07:48 AM
  16. thundr51's Avatar
    Tried to do this before 8.1 but works great now.

    04-15-2014 09:28 AM
  17. Graelock's Avatar
    Here's mine
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    04-15-2014 11:24 AM
  18. Pedro Hicken's Avatar
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here we go windows 8.1

    I love the new background option......
    I love this. Whats that weather app if you don't mind me asking?
    04-15-2014 11:37 AM
  19. Pedro Hicken's Avatar
    04-15-2014 11:43 AM
  20. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    The 520 from my better half

    04-15-2014 01:32 PM
  21. bulgaria8's Avatar
    Here's mine :)
    wp_ss_20140415_0001.png wp_ss_20140415_0003.png wp_ss_20140415_0004.png
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    04-15-2014 03:44 PM
  22. Naser Harif's Avatar
    My god, I F&^(*&()& LOVE 8.1.
    I LOVE the wide tile and i HATE the small ones, now i can make it all work.
    Iv been playin aroud ALOT, and came up with 2 i really like.

    I use the wide tile because it gives me the information I want. Last Email, Last message on Whatsapp, Last message on Facebook, whats hot on Youtube or what happend on Facebook, I just love it :)
    04-15-2014 04:12 PM
  23. TechFreak1's Avatar
    Well, alot has changed since I last put up the last screenshot and given the release of wp 8.1 dev preview - I couldn't wait for the public release lol. Previously I had 42 apps pinned all apps i use on day to day basis (38 small and 4 medium), after a few hours use with that layout.. It felt cramped and I wasn't really doing myself any favours with static tiles (having a dynamic start screen is more eye catching for potential windows phone converts :P)

    So I decided to evaluate my app usage and recent app usage since the dev preview release. so without further ado this is my current start screen.

    This will evolve over time (hopefully everyone adds the ability to have the start screen background to show behind the tiles as opposed to having solid colours).

    More info:
    The screenshot was embedded in a nifty app called device shot :).
    Also for those who are wondering the calendar app is simple calendar with the "wayne" wide tile bought via in-app purchase.
    The original background is also attached / below for those who want it :D
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    04-15-2014 05:50 PM
  24. Dellacorte's Avatar
    I love this. Whats that weather app if you don't mind me asking?
    It's called Blue Skies ! Real simple weather app but beautiful designed and all Information i need......
    04-16-2014 01:07 AM
  25. Lumis90's Avatar
    So I heard all of you like tiles...:P

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    04-16-2014 01:42 AM
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