01-09-2015 03:27 AM
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  1. anon(5408460)'s Avatar
    I do have one question though. Are you able to clear the cache for each app manually? When I used a friends Windows Phone some apps had options to clear the cache for that specific app. Would this help in reducing the "other" folder?
    I tried clearing the cache on several apps and it only made a tiny difference to the other memory.
    12-31-2012 06:51 AM
  2. Dragule's Avatar
    This is what I know think about this issue:

    So, we know that in Other are stored some apps settings, and the major part of the storage is filled with temporary files.
    When we download an app, Other grows, but decrease a just a little when we uninstall.

    When we download an app, we actually download an installation file, and then, the phone automatically install the app from this file.
    It seems logical that this file is stored with the temporary files, because it should be deleted right after being used.
    But I'm pretty sure that it is not, and stay on the phone.

    That's why:
    • When we uninstall an app, it doesn't decrease by more than a few MB. It actually remove the settings file, and some other app datas, but not the big install file.
    • When we download the app again, after uninstalling, Other does not grow much. The installation file is already ready to use.

    In that case, we just need a way to clean these installation files, and everything should get better ^^
    But we don't have one :(
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    01-02-2013 04:16 AM
  3. Simpson Bart's Avatar
    I have a fairly large Other section, but it's stable at about 3G. It doesn't grow significantly with installs, but I did notice that some things fall through the cracks. For example, an email had an attachment I downloaded, but couldn't be opened because the phone didn't like the format (it was correct to refuse) but it never went anywhere. Also, stuff from the internet, NFC, BT, and loads of other stuff, they get downloaded and lost.

    I'm not shocked that I have a large "other" section, I know that images are instant, that FB and Skydrive files are all cached, complete with thumbs, that FB app itself cached all the pictures ever taken, and so on. It's that without some form of management any buggy app can kill the phone.

    I'm on a Lumia 920, so I have 32 GB in which to float, and with 18G available it's not urgent. Still, I'd like the ability to manage this. ideally, via PC and cable, where I can see what I'm cleaning up, not with a phone I already know can't open the file.
    01-02-2013 03:24 PM
  4. Dragule's Avatar
    So finally, we got an official response, from someone who posted on an other thread !

    Here was the response I received in chat.

    Aled D.: The Other section holds program files, and some programs leave behind files even when you've deleted them. Updating the phone will clear this. Have you updated recently?
    Me: not sure how to update. I always install all market updates. Is there another way?
    Aled D.: Go to settings > updates and see if there is an update pending.
    Me: After checking for updates, it says "your phone is up to date"
    Aled D.: In that case the only way to clear the Other section is to hard reset the phone. Or you could wait for the next update.
    Me: ok, I think I will wait as long as I can. Is there any way to tell which apps take up the the most space?
    Aled D.: When you install an app, you can see how big it is. There is no other way unfortunately.
    Me: Ok, lastly are there any scheduled updates coming up?
    Aled D.: I'm not made aware of an update until it's about to be released, so I couldn't tell you, sorry.
    Me: OK, thanks for your time.

    Well, that's not really satisfying. But at least, now we are sure that Microsoft is aware about it.
    Is it an issue, or is it normal ? In any case, I guess it will be fixed soon.

    Wait & See :)
    01-03-2013 03:46 PM
  5. BCL_WA's Avatar
    Doesn't seem like a valid response to me. That's not right to count on an "update" or hard reset to clear out this directory.
    01-04-2013 06:13 PM
  6. Dragule's Avatar
    I had a little discussion about it with the famous Windows Phone Hacker, he is aware of this issue too, but doesn't think it will be an OS update soon, to fix it, except if more people ask for it.
    It is just his point of view though, and maybe Microsoft is already working on this issue :)
    01-05-2013 08:08 AM
  7. Florin Nitulescu's Avatar
    already had my first hard reset of my HTC 8S, I hope I won't need to do it again.

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    01-05-2013 08:15 AM
  8. TheXFather's Avatar
    Got my 8S for Christmas. i only got small apps installed.
    Can't install any games cause of lack of space. even smaller games like 120 MB can't be installed cause it pops me an error .. something about not enough space even tho i have 200 MB free
    Just thought i'd share :D

    OT: I'm also from Romania and i like my phone.
    01-05-2013 08:34 AM
  9. Benoit35000's Avatar
    Why isn't this issue getting more attention ? I came to WP yesterday when I received my 8S. I knew that the available space would be small when I bought it and I accepted it, which seemed ok considering my usage. But now I have less than 10 apps installed, no major game and I already reach the limit because of this "others" section. 4 gb of space - 2 for OS - 1 for others indeed doesn't leave much left. MS needs to act on this, I love WP and my 8S so far but this issue is a deal breaker for me. I know I am just whining and not bringing much to the case here, except for my voice. I have faith this issue will be adressed, I hope MS dosn't fail on this because I feel like many people are like me, who had iphone and android already, and consider switching to WP
    01-05-2013 05:40 PM
  10. blegate's Avatar
    I did a test. I'm not having the same issue as most of you..please read.

    I performed a little test on my 810. I installed 18 new applications totaling 372MB
    Part 1 - installing apps
    I started out with Other = 2.03GB and Free Space = 2.23GB I had installed several apps prior to this test. As I installed the apps I recorded the changes in Free and Other folder sizes - see below.
    Each app was opened and used to ensure changes to 'Other' and 'Free' were valid (to my best knowledge).

    NOTE- In the middle of my test I went on a drive and used City Lens and Nokia DRIVE twice - no change in other or free space size occurred.

    Part - 2 -de-installing apps
    I de-installed the 18 apps by installation size and took notes on 'other' and 'free' space. The end result is 1.86GB free and Other = 2.41GB. Doesn't look so great right? Read on...
    NOTE (this is important) -- After a shutdown/reboot 'Free' changed to 2.26GB and 'Other' is 2.34GB I still have 924MB of apps installed. I did another shutdown/reboot Other = 2.33 and Free = 2.27GB - a slight increase.
    If I did my math right, it's a wash with regards to storage loss when considering before and after changes; however, 'Other' is larger by .3 which is not easily reclaimed.

    What I learned:
    1) When apps are installed, in most cases some goes into "application storage" and some into "Other" folder categories. For the most part the size of the install actually will equal the change in 'Other' and 'Free' Space; however, some apps (smaller ones) seem to take additional space- perhaps a notation error on the app description? Some apps do not appear to use Other.
    2) It took a considerable amount of time to do this and really I pondered is this really is an issue to be concerned about? I do not store video and photos on my internal storage since it makes more sense to do this on the SD Card. I still had a little over 1GB Free space when I stopped the test. Frankly I got tired of looking for large apps to install....at least apps that interested me.
    3) for the most part, I didn't lose much of anything doing this test.
    4) Reboots seem to help reclaim Other and Free as noted above, especially after uninstalling apps. Reboots are important...they have and will always be required with anything running Windows or Apple.

    OTHER Notes: I did a tap and send test between two 810 phones. I used a 32sec video. Initially Other was at 2.33GB and Free at 2.27GB. During the transfer Other jumped to 2.44GB and Free changed to 2.16GB. Once the transfer was over it all went back to the original values. I did a similar test like this last week with a 2min+ video and it bombed, meaning no transfer. I could not clear out Other and had to reset. So be careful on "tap and send" transfers for now...my $.02

    Punch holes in this test if you like. For the most part the install/de-install process worked; however, I would be leery of tap and send of large files for the time being due to my problem earlier this week.

    List of apps installed for this mini-test
    1 Install Car locator Other 2.03, free 2.23 2mb and other is 2.04
    2 Installing pocket dic, 8mb, and other is 2.05, free 2,19
    3 Installing star map 8mb, and other is 2.06 free 2,15
    4 Installing zombie dreed, 24mb, other is 2.09 free 2.10
    5 Installing deal or no deal with 9mb other is Now 2.10 free 2.07
    6 Installing Rise of Glory 34mb, and other is 2.14, free 1.97
    7 Installing ae skeet 10mb, and other is 2.17 free is 1.89
    8 Installing casino crazy 9mb and other is 2.18 free 1.87
    9 Installing guns bro 187mb and other is 2.37 and free 1.47
    10 Installing ms battleship 15mb and other is 2.39, free is 1.42
    11 Install pro speed 49mb and other is 2.44 free is 1.21
    12 Installing unit conversion tool 1mb, and other is 2.44 free 1.21
    13 Install level of 1mb, other is 2.44 free free is 1.20
    14 Install Media Center remote 3mb, other is 2.46, free 1.19
    15 Cooking timer. 3mb, other is 2.47 free 1.17
    16 PayPal 6mb other is 2.49, free 1.14
    17 Drudge reader 2mb and other is 2.49, free 1.13
    18 Phone tracker less than 1mb, other is 2.50, free 1.12
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    01-05-2013 06:26 PM
  11. Dragule's Avatar
    Thanks for doing tests :)

    But I think that you actually have the same issue as all of us:
    When you installed the apps, Other grew from 2.03 to 2.41.
    But when you uninstalled it, it only decreased to 2.3.
    That means that you lost 300 MB of free space, and god knows where it is.

    That's why we can't install tons of apps, and uninstall them, and do whatever we want with our phone. And that's kind of annoying ^^
    I don't even dare install more apps :(
    01-06-2013 03:53 AM
  12. blegate's Avatar
    True but Free space increased from 2.23gb to 2.27gb- a slight increase. I don't know of any os where uninstalling apps is 100% perfect. For example, I had remnants of files with android but the difference is that the files resided on the SD card which was easily corrected. Windows 'other' is hidden from us.....

    The real purpose for my test has to do with my mobile carrier calling me tomorrow to discuss replacing these 2 810s with galaxy s3 at no cost. I'm still a littler torn on which way to go given that I understand this storage issue a little better.
    01-06-2013 10:36 AM
  13. Dragule's Avatar
    True but Free space increased from 2.23gb to 2.27gb- a slight increase
    Indeed, that's strange.
    But still, you lost 0.25GB of free space, for absolutely nothing ^^
    And that is pretty strange. And the actual problem.

    But yeah, what's sure is that the OS react strangely to installing/uninstalling apps :)
    01-06-2013 05:14 PM
  14. TheXFather's Avatar
    IMO i think the tiles are saved in the other section, also mails, and other things that r "temporary" downloaded.
    Because: tiles can't be saved in rams (reduce power usage). so they must be saved in other. Tell me if i'm wrong.
    Also i dunno any other place where mails could be saved. i mean if u have the option to save all mail in there and u got 1k mails u realize they have to be somewhere.
    Also all folders r synced by default if i'm not mistaken.

    I haven't tested this cause i got like 3k mails in my inboxes and i'm not on wifi now i'll try and find out.
    :D that's my 2 cents.
    01-07-2013 05:43 AM
  15. blegate's Avatar
    That's true, emails, temp files (e.g. IE history, cookies, etc) are stored there as well as some of the program as it is installed. If you reduce the number of days synced for your email accounts this will effect this the size of this Other folder. Again as I've stated earlier this is very much like Android when it came out 4 years ago. Back then we had issues with temp files, etc filling up the phones, etc; however, the internal storage on those phones were no where close to what we have today (I believe it was 71MB internal). Eventually someone figured out how to move temp cache to the SD card as well as program installation (i.e. it was rooted and hacked). Eventually Google bought in and perfected the saving of apps to SD cards by ensuring they were encrypted (i.e. not easily accessible for pirating). I highly doubt someone will figure this out without MS assistance since considering WP8 isn't open source but I could be wrong.
    01-07-2013 09:16 AM
  16. avsef's Avatar
    Android utilities allow you to clear out caches and APK files. Frees up lots of space. Desperately need something similar - is anyone aware of any storage management utilities for WP8?
    01-07-2013 10:42 AM
  17. akar33's Avatar
    Does this happen in WP7 also? Ofcourse it doesn't have a readout of the amount of memory conserved, but I was wondering if anyone has noticed their memory space being sent to the ether.
    01-08-2013 06:31 AM
  18. JammyGitz's Avatar
    I just uninstalled 1 Gig of games and now I have:

    music+videos: 2.82GB
    pictures: 1.44GB
    apps: 2.46GB
    other: 7.65GB !!!! it was 7.73 before I delete the games
    system: 1.91GB
    free space: 12.84GB

    EDIT: After deleting more games I have:

    music+videos: 2.82GB
    pictures: 1.44GB
    apps: 1.97GB
    other: 7.59GB
    system: 1.91GB
    free space: 13.38GB
    01-08-2013 07:08 AM
  19. Bilal_Fakih's Avatar
    I have posted before under the artical on WP central that i made a test and others decreased by uninstalling an application. Now again i did and still dereasing so i wanna share pictures. On my Lumia 920, others is now 3.44 GB already... it was 3.47GB and Apps was 772.05 MB, i deleted an Application to see if others will increase, but no it didnt.. After deletion: Apps is 717.75 MB and others is 3.44 GB.. Obviously it decreased . So as long as im removing data its dreasing not increasing at all..please check the images below and look at the time to verfiy the time difference
    then i deleted applications:
    So, do i have the bug? can someone explain to me more..Also, if i dont have it, can ppl who has this issue to name there device and carrier.. Please let me know

    My phone never freezed and its international so its unlocked..No issues till now and of course no update for international yet. Im wondering if locked phones for AT&T are facing these issues.
    01-08-2013 09:00 AM
  20. borasar's Avatar
    I don't think this is correct. I had a Windows Phone update pushed to my phone this morning however after installing it, OTHER is still well above 3GB.
    So finally, we got an official response, from someone who posted on an other thread !

    Well, that's not really satisfying. But at least, now we are sure that Microsoft is aware about it.
    Is it an issue, or is it normal ? In any case, I guess it will be fixed soon.

    Wait & See :)
    01-08-2013 09:23 AM
  21. Sergey Matvienko's Avatar
    So, do i have the bug? can someone explain to me more..Also, if i dont have it, can ppl who has this issue to name there device and carrier.. Please let me know
    That's OS bug. It is not confined to any particular phone or carrier. It looks like there is no real fix for that at the moment - the only way to clear Other partition is to hard reset your phone.

    Hopefully next update will fix this issue.
    01-08-2013 11:09 AM
  22. Bilal_Fakih's Avatar
    Yeah its a Bug, Other is increasing and seems there is no control for it...Well, international is getting the updates lets hope it will have the fix included on Feb...
    01-08-2013 03:28 PM
  23. Pikezer1337's Avatar
    I would be fine with it if it actually did what some people suggested in that "other" caches files until you start getting low on memory then it uses that memory for whatever your installing or what not, but through tests it does not do that. For 8x users like myself who have a 8gb phone this is killer considering I have 2.5 gb in music, and 3.2gb in Other, and the system takes up 1.8gb, I have only 500mb left which is crazy.
    01-08-2013 04:57 PM
  24. electriclamb's Avatar
    yeah im creeping up on 6 gigs. I dont get it. Thats a lot of space, twice as much as my current installed apps. Hopefully someone finds a way to get us access to those files eventually since nothings impossible when it comes to getting access to stuff we arent supposed to
    01-08-2013 07:02 PM
  25. haggishunter81's Avatar
    I have found the same thing, when I got the phone I kept an eye on this in the first hour/two while I installed my apps to it, i have a Lumia 820, it comes with 8gb, as near as makes no difference, 2gb is taken up by os, almost 3gb in other and I've had to remove a good chunk of the Xbox live games I've bought so I have space available for anything else I download, this is quite worrying for me, it's a big stumbling block if it can't be sorted, I had an hd7 before and I could not fault it, since I got this the main game I played (full house poker) isn't available, adobe reader isn't there (I used this all the time) and I'm struggling with storage, all in all this is quite disappointing experience, two years I had my hd7 and I loved it, I jumped on the phone 8 bandwagon as soon as I could and I'm sorry to say that I have been thoroughly unimpressed with the platform, when I opened and set up my HTC I was like 'oh, I can do this, get that do these things' since I got my wp8 h/set it's been more like 'aw I can get that, can't play that or that anymore, and I really need to watch what I'm putting on that' don't get me wrong, I'm not saying 'MEH, I'M GETTING RID OF THIS PEICE OF CRAP AND GETTING AN ANDROID!' this is my preference of smartphone os and it's just very frustrating that these barriers keep being put up that are kinda stopping me from enjoying the phone.... Sorry that was a bit long winded, I'm sure I'm not the only one out there though.....
    01-08-2013 08:17 PM
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