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    The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a Keyboard option that is very similar to Swype that allows for keying without lifting your finger, It autospaces, autocorrects, and makes for a very fast touchscreen.

    It is an option under the Settings for Keyboard labeled "Continuous Input." You can also download Swype, and several other apps that will replace the keyboard and provide similar functionality/

    Without one of these, a touchscreen is useless to me. I am a 6'4" 215 pound MAN and a touchscreen does not accomodate my thumb. Imagine Shrek using a girly phone.

    I almost changed carriers, after 15 years with Sprint to Verizon yesterday, so to get a Nokia that manages Microsoft better than my experiance with the Galaxy S2, with Hotmail, and Office, but found out there was no Swype, and no alternative.

    This is a showstopper. How can Microsoft be so friggin stupid????

    So instead I spent 4 hours at the Sprint store today, setting up my hotmail, and Skydrive in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and was peasantly surprised to find that Samsung has corrected the issues with Hotmail that I have wrestled with for 2.5 years with 3 Samsung phones.

    Microsoft, are you going to implement a Swype like feature?

    If not, I will buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I suggest you fire another of your ***** Executives, after SInofsky. You people are dinoaurs.
    11-17-2012 08:52 PM

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