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    Well, been playing around with this new windows phone, particularly the Lumia 822. I had movies placed on the microSD card and tried playing them. The first one played fine in the video player. The other two movies would not play, with the "sorry, cannot play..." standard b.s.

    Looking at the differences in the movies, they are all .wmv files. The one that would play was 320x240, 25 fps. The ones that would not play, were 320x144 and 29fps.
    I went back to my trustee PC, and converted theses movies to 320x240, 25fps, and viola, after copying back on MicroSD: The Lumia would play these.

    I am guessing the frame rate is the issue here. The 320x240 and 25fps is standard Pocket PC Video format in my converter software.The 320x144, 29fps is a no go on the Lumia 822. I wonder if there are any other video player apps that one can get through the windows phone store will play any format?
    11-17-2012 10:12 PM

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