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    I have a Lumina 920 phone and having problem finding PDF files on my phone.

    I connected the phone to my computer and created a directory. I moved few PDF files to the new directory. The phone did not show neither the directory nor the files. Then, I moved the files to the Documents directory. The phone recognized the files using Office and did open them with PDFReader. Then, I moved the files to the directory I created. The phone still could see the files using either Office or PDFReader. I removed the files using my computer connection, but the phone still could see them and open them. Seems that the phone makes a copy of files in the Documents directory & for PDF files to be recognized you must first copy them to the Document directory. A very bad design that need to be fixed.

    My second problem: Last night the phone suddenly died on me although it showed about 50% battery. I thought the battery was dead. I connected the charger. It came back after a minute & when I checked the battery it was still 50% full. Strange!

    Otherwise, I like the phone very much.
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