1. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    I have turned off data connection, switched on WiFi - now it's always on. Not on charge.
    I have whatsapp installed. No other apps. Nokia Drive and Nokia Care uninstalled on my Lumia 920.

    Can anyone reproduce this?

    I am not sure if Whatsapp is keeping WiFi always on or turning off data connection is.
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    11-24-2012 06:46 AM
  2. Skeet1981's Avatar
    To be honest i think the wifi is a little buggy. Gone into settings before to see it switching itself on and off. Seems ok after a festart though.
    11-24-2012 07:33 AM
  3. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    It goes on and off? You mean connection or the actual switch?
    11-24-2012 07:50 AM
  4. Skeet1981's Avatar
    The switch. Only did it that one time though.
    11-25-2012 06:45 PM
  5. c8m6p's Avatar
    Just uninstall whatsapp and try again.
    11-25-2012 08:33 PM
  6. Alexis Dover's Avatar

    When your the "data connection" is turned on, does this mean that the phone is constantly connected to the internet? becuase on other phones, you can select data to be on, then it would connect when you use an internet based app.

    I say this because i see the H or G symbol next to the signal indicator and i think its connected. So i turned data off and the battery was sweeet! If it is the case that its connected all the time, thats crazy, surely it can simply ask you to turn it on when you want to access the internet via a app? Same goes for the Wifi, if this is on, is it constantly searching?? Surely it can just search when you open the browser or app store?

    I dont want connections to be on all the time, and i dont want to have to manually go to settings to switch them on everytime i want to connect!

    Also, if you turn data connection off, does this mean that you cannot use 3g or 4g to make a no data phone call?? Because in some places the only connection possible is 3g instead of standard UMTS.

    Hopefully some one can clear this up for me.

    Battery is def better when they are off completely!
    02-11-2013 02:53 PM

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