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    I have a Lumia 920, Windows 7 64 bit, and the Windows Phone 8 sync app on my PC.

    When I plug in my phone, the devices and printers window opens giving me the Windows Phone option, or the Change General Settings/Browse Files options.

    When I use Windows Phone sync app, I check the box of an mp3 I want on my phone, and click on sync in the bottom right. About 5 seconds later it freezes and pops up a window saying "WindowsPhone has stopped working" and only gives me the option to close.

    When I go to Browse Files, it opens the directory Computer -> Windows Phone, but it's completely empty.

    I've had no problem using the sync app to pull pictures off of my phone to my PC.

    Any ideas?

    edit: I uninstalled the drivers via device manager, let windows reinstall them, and it fixed everything.
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    11-25-2012 08:15 PM
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    A few helpful hints... Make sure the bitrate isn't over 320k, otherwise, it's unplayable on wp8 (so far?). Make sure (use an id3 tag editor) there are no non English characters in any part of the song(s). And finally, it's still a beta app, :( for me, it crashes on syncing music videos and doesn't convert lossless files into something wp8 can playback (though the Mac version is fine with the latter).
    11-25-2012 08:57 PM

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