1. Robert Nowak's Avatar
    1- I read that you can quickly/easily take pictures and send them to a groupme chat. But after taking a picture, and using Share, groupme doesn't show up as a sharing option (such as twitter/facebook). Is the only way to share a picture to take the picture, go to the groupme app, and add the picture as an attachment?

    2- Am I the only one experiencing refresh update issues? I pinned my only groupme chat to the start, and I'll get a notification of a new message, and go to the group. But, it doesn't seem to update (or maybe it does after a long time, I generally don't wait long enough to find out) and I just refresh manually. Is that just me that it's happening to?

    3- Live tile - It doesn't seem to show new messages all that quickly, and it seems random when it is shown. Generally, with the pinned group, I'll only see the group picture for the tile with the number of new messages it has (I'm using the 'medium' sized tile, as there isn't a large one available for groupme currently). Anyone else experience a lack of live tile?

    Thanks for the input!
    11-26-2012 10:05 AM