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    Whichever account i use, including yahoo, gmail, i delete on the phone but doesn't delete on the desktop server. This is really annoying as i come from iphone and it did on that.

    There's a lot of niggles like this that if it works on one platform then it should work on wp8 in a similiar way! An email is deleted on the phone, it should just be deleted and not stay sitting in my inbox on the desktop! Any suggestions?

    I'm getting used to this new phone and liking many aspects of it, but having to go through additional steps like manually syncing again after deleting when I didn't used to is really annoying.

    Not all emails have downloaded either. I have set all accounts to download at any time, but apart from my inbox which did download, it won't retrieve any sent emails (sent prior to setting up the phone), nor will it download all emails stored in folders...it would for some but not all. This is also really frustrating. I want to give this platform a chance, but these are little niggles that add up to me not quite loving the phone/eco system.

    Any advice from this former iphone4 user? I don't want to go back to iphone!
    12-02-2012 01:07 PM

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