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    Whatsapp - needs performance improvements, high-res tile, fast resume, double wide tile, lock screen notifications. Confirmed(?) coming soon via leaked screenshot on WPCentral, features unknown.

    Tunein - most likely in progress and coming soon. We'll see what features it brings.

    Fhotoroom - performance improvements, high-res tile, fast resume, double wide tile, lock screen picture integration. Confirmed update coming via twitter, actual features unknown.

    GroupMe- My friends actually USE this app, and MS OWNS this company, friggen UPDATE IT! Performance improvements, fast resume, more reliable notifications, double wide tile, high-res tile, lock screen notifications. COME ON MAN. could be SO much better and make up for the lack of ****ing iMessage bull**** on WP.

    Weatherflow - this is confirmed coming, will be one of THE most beautiful applications available on WP8 and debatably any platform, period. The double wide tile will be awesome.
    See link - Preview of Weather Flow for Windows Phone 8 | WinSource

    News360 - such a nice news app, but needs a high res-tile, support for high-res images, double-wide tile, lock screen notifications, fast resume, and a better looking live tile. Could be the best news app on WP8 with a bit of work.

    ESPN - not holding my breath, but I can't believe they don't take proper advantage of a double wide tile for WP8. They could fit every ****ing score on it during sundays. Such bull**** that they don't give a **** about WP.

    6.27AM - needs a high res tile... double wide support, otherwise perfect.

    USA TODAY - high res tile, double wide support, fast resume. Love the app otherwise.

    P.s. **** facebook and Mark ****erberg for not releasing a native WP app, and pushing instagram to as well. Or at very least updating m.facebook.com to not look like a COMPLETE piece of **** for WP8 users. MS owns a significant stake in that company. No suprise it's become an ad-infested cesspool that's most likely seen it's best days. Can't wait for the next big thing to come out and FB to decline into nothingness. Most overhyped company ever.

    P.s.s. - everyone with WP8, download Baconit, follow subreddit "Earthporn", make it your lock screen and pin a double-wide tile of that subreddit to your start screen. GORGEOUS images that will make your WP look absolutely unbelievable.

    P.s.s.s. - MS should force developers to code for fast resume by default. This is the way apps should behave. Baconit launches in a fraction of a second since they took advantage of fast resume. So much ****ing better than launching from scratch when it's ALREADY RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND.
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    12-03-2012 11:32 PM
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    Just a tiny little tip - try sending your browser to touch.facebook.com instead of m.facebook.com 😃

    Also, deom what I've seen of the SDK it's not to hard to code for fast resume. So I'm sure that once we get more wp8-compatible apps the feature will become commonplace.
    12-04-2012 07:05 AM

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