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    I need the ability to retain the PhotoCamera initialization state throughout the life of my application. I am attempting to do this within a static class. Within this class, I create a public static instance of the PhotoCamera object as well as a public static instance of a VideoBrush and set the brush's source as the camera. This all happens within my static constructor (so only once). Now, when I navigate to my camera preview page (that contains a canvas object to display the real-time video stream) I set the canvas's background to the static instance of my VideoBrush. This works the very first time I navigate to my camera preview page but does no longer displays video on any subsequent visits. The camera appears to still be working (as I can save off frames) but the video stream never gets shown within my canvas. My goal is to avoid the multi-second initialization delay each time the camera get initialized whenever I navigate to my camera preview page. How can I accomplish this????? Thanks for your help.
    12-12-2012 10:21 AM

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