1. Torch4x4's Avatar
    somebody knows an app to sync outlook notes to WP8?

    After some research... I'm finally moved my outlook notes to oneNote manually using a converter from outlook notes to text, then a Text File importer to OneNote and finally sync w/SkyDrive, somebody knows a better option to sync Outlook notes, any app?
    12-13-2012 09:06 AM
  2. inteller's Avatar
    you found the solution. Stop using that glommed on feature to Outlook and start using OneNote.
    12-13-2012 09:16 AM
  3. Connie Litrenta's Avatar
    you found the solution. Stop using that glommed on feature to Outlook and start using OneNote.
    Got to agree here. I always used the notes in Outlook as well but since this phone came with OneNote, I started using that. Bit of a pain initially if you have to get your notes in there but once done, this is the best option. Use OneNote on your phone and on the web. Problem solved. I suspect from observation that this is the way of the world now - all web based apps. That of course has some drawbacks but on the plus side, means less money you have to spend on desktop software. My Windows 8 computer came with all of this already present in the form of tiles so I just had to login. Pretty easy but I know there are a lot of people who don't want to put their stuff in the cloud. I'm not one of these. If it's not something I want out there, I don't put it there. Simple. it is however, the perfect solution for most of my stuff
    12-13-2012 09:41 AM
  4. jhguth's Avatar
    OneNote is not a cloud based app, you can use the actual software on your computer. It keeps everything synced via Skydrive, but it is actual software you can install and not SaaS. They do also have it to use via the web, but the desktop client is pretty great so use that.
    12-13-2012 09:48 AM
  5. GAZ1942's Avatar
    I use mobiles from the beginning on, but with the new Windows Phone 8 I run in problems. I simply search for software to sync One Note 2010 PC with One Note on the phone and Outlook 2010 content like contacts, calendar etc. to sync with the phone. Is there anything avaialble without going to the cloud. Cloud is impossible for me to use based on my job. Please advise. Thanks
    12-28-2012 03:06 PM

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