1. Winphoner's Avatar
    Hey Everyone,
    So for the last few days, none of my Live tiles on my Lumia 920 seem to update. CNN, Accuweather.com nothing...
    The annoying thing is that they were all working (reasonably) well a week or so back. I still see updates when I get SMS/emails, so it's not really a usability thing, but live tiles are one of the major advertised features of the phone, so when it does not work, it's very sad a frustrating. I've been trying to have a few "perfect" days with my phone, just so I can start recommending WP8 to all my friends and family, but every time I think that maybe everything works fine, something new breaks.

    • Apps freezing during use
    • Maps tend to use obscure routes over obvious ones
    • NFC doesn;t work for sharing pics with Andriod (b/c the file size is too big... WTF??)
    • Now this thing with live tiles...

    I really really really want to love this phone and OS. I'm ok with the lack of apps, I'm ok with the low quality of many common apps (especially games), I'm ok with missing a few nice features common on competing platforms, I've paid for apps, and I will continue to support hard working devs, but if there is nothing left to recommend to others... then why do I even keep this phone?
    Sigh, I will continue to look for solutions and support the platform. But these kind of frustration will drive away a lot of early adopters.

    Is it too much to ask that the big advertised features work flawlessly?
    So as not to leave on a sour note:
    Camera? Ok, I still love the camera, probably the only thing keeping me holding on, excellent night shots!
    Integration? So far, Facebook/Outlook/Gmail have worked excellently for me...

    But nowadays when something works, I just assume that's an anomaly, and it will fail in due time... (so much for leaving on a good note, sorry!)
    12-13-2012 04:37 PM
  2. halamadrid11's Avatar
    Mine did the same SMS tiles didn't update so i missed text masseges and everytime i clicked sms tile i saw there is a massege and mail tiles numbers didn't dissapear even when I did went to click everyone of it and went back and they still was there so I did reset my phone and now it works like dream.
    12-13-2012 04:45 PM

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