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    I've got a really annoying problem with my Lumia 920.

    I can't send or receive text messages.
    At first I thought it was my simcard, but I can call people and they can call me.
    Also I can still use whatsapp to send people messages, so it's only the textmessages that are bugged.

    When I open a conversation, the conversation loads and I can type my text. But when I press send, it just gets pressed and it doesn't do anything, it doesn't send the text, and the text doesn't get added in the conversation. It just stays in the textbox.
    If I press back to go back to the conversations, all my conversations are gone... It says I don't have any conversations. If I go back to home screen and click on the conversations icon I can see all my conversations again.

    EDIT: Found another bug in my conversations. When I scroll upwards in one of my conversations the texts are gone and I only see textballoons on the left side. I think for every text I ever sent with that person a textballoon shows on the left.

    EDIT2: I tried deleting all the messages because maybe for some reason that was going to be the solution. The phone says they are deleted but when I open Conversations again, they are all their... Maybe going back to factory settings but I don't like that solution.

    This is a pretty annoying bug, maybe you guys have a solution. I already tried turning it on and off again :)
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    12-15-2012 04:24 AM
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    I found the problem on the internet :)

    Hi guys,

    resetting solve problem always but here is what it happens to me:
    I used the phone for 5 days with no problem at all. After installing Skype for Windows 8 I was asked to merge LiveID with Skype . the very same day People Hub phone started to crash and the same happened with Email and SMS.

    I decided to reset the phone and it worked fine for a day and than back to problems. I asked Skype support to unmerge Skype id from LiveID and phone started to work OK for a week.

    Thinking that this was not the real problem I merged Skype and LiveID again together and the problems started again. What I notice is Microsoft Account continues to SYNC endlessly and some times when I can see it synchronized (very rarely) if I click at the account it complains that there are errors about some contacts not being able to be updated on the phone.

    The only solution to have back a working phone is to :
    a) close wifi
    b) close Data connection
    c) reboot the phone

    PROBLEM IS THAT YOU WILL HAVE AN OFFLINE PHONE and if you decide to activate data connections it will malfunction.
    not sure what i'm going to do now, probably not merge skype with LiveID
    12-15-2012 09:33 AM

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