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    I don't feel like typing the whole issue so here's the basics: How can I move my gmail to outlook if my outlook, which is setup with my yahoo email (my Microsoft account, thus uneditable)?

    issues to consider: My gmail is linked to custom domain I purchased so outlook doesn't recognize how to import the account as a "send and receive" email (see outlook settings). I do not want my yahoo email to show in the main inbox folder, it's mostly a back up email I use for promotions etc. I setup a folder with rules to put all emails from the yahoo email into that separate folder, but now I need to get my gmail account on to outlook. I think I can just create a new outlook email and then link that custom domain to that outlook email instead of my gmail. Because all my mail comes to the domain not gmail, it should work. I may be misunderstanding the concept as my brother set this up for me. Thus the post.

    Thanks in advance wp community.
    12-15-2012 09:06 AM
  2. jhguth's Avatar
    Create the Outlook.com alias you want. Then add your gmail as a POP3 to start transferring your old emails, it will take a day or so since they can only grab emails in batches. Then go to domains.live.com and learn how to setup your MX DNS entries. Delete all your google DNS entries in MX and add the DNS entry you want to use for Outlook (its still a hotmail DNS, but it works). This will get you all your old emails and your new emails will go directly to Outlook.com, you can leave gmail behind and never look back (or, since you are smart and own your domain, you can go back whenever you want by editing your DNS, however google is going to start charging for google apps soon)

    i also had my own domain, setup was a breeze
    12-15-2012 09:39 AM

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