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    Hello all, I have a quick question about my W8 experience. I'm gonna be lucid in this, so hope no one gets perturbed with all this Google/MS stuff going on. Anyway...

    I want to get a file, specifically a small media file as ringtone, to my nice Lumia 920. I'm coming from an Android device to taste, test and bathe in the waters of the new WP OS. My scenerio on my Android was this for some quick file transfers:

    1. Put the file in my Dropbox/Skydrive
    2. Open Dropbox/Skydrive on the device
    3. Save the file to the folder I wanted.

    Altrenatively, I could long press a download link and save directly.

    I understood before I got my Lumia that MS doesn't allow open file navigation (aside: I know many people think this is a good thing, but for most of my needs I must disagree, it doesn't make for a circus, but I still want to go it) so I've actually been assuming I would be able to download from my Skydrive and place in the default (as seen on PC when plugged in) folders. Now I've learned I can't download from Skydrive, or save DL links from IE.

    Well, I know ofcourse one can "simply" plug the device in the comp and copy things over manually. But now it has me concerned, and I wanted to find out if there are any "purely" wireless ways (not bt) to get filles from the net to my device?

    Also, I did find one app in the store that was very specific to ringtones from Skydrive to my Phone, lol, so that's a plus, issue is it didn't work, so I came to ask here. Thanks in advance for any info.

    PS, yes, for now, I just plugged it in and copied my file, but I'm asking for future events.

    EDIT: I placed em in the ringtones folder but they still won't show up... They're both under 400KB and one runs 31sec and the other 51sec, are these issues or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be great, thanks.

    EDIT2: For some reason it wouldn't say the files were there though they were. I had to eventually do it through the WP App, but then it worked? I dunno, I think this is a prob from upgrading to W8 instead of a clean install, they are on it now via USB, but my original question still stands....
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