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    I would just like to enlist EVERYONE that has a Windows Phone to help encourage the development of Windows Phone apps, ESPECIALLY with "brick-n-mortar" businesses.

    We have all seen those signs when we are out shopping of "Download our iOS or Android app" prominently displayed at business entrance. Obviously there is something missing, no Windows Phone App. Oddly enough, you can help rectify this situation. If you do business with these places, they usually have a web site, which has someway to submit feedback to the company (usually a web form page, or an email address). PLEASE take sometime and find that feedback method and let that business/company know that you would like them to offer a Windows Phone app that has at least the same functionality as their iOS or Android app.

    If enough people submit the suggestion they will write the app, eventually. You might even go as far as saying that you might take your business elsewhere that does provided a Windows Phone App

    Think banks, grocery stores, electronic stores, food services, "mom-n-pop" business (who have iOS/Android Apps), Home improvement stores, etc.

    We can ***** and moan all we want on discussion forums on how we are the neglected red headed step child of the mobile market for the lack of apps. OR you can take a proactive approach and politely (please don't get nasty) and submit feedback to businesses that we would like the same app choices as the other players.

    Again, ANYWHERE you see "Download our iOS or Android App" find the "feedback" method and submit you would like to see a Windows Phone App.

    If you shop at Safeway, please submit feedback for a WP app, as a personal favor for me. I liked the iOS app from Safeway when I had the iPhone.
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