1. Stadifer's Avatar
    Maybe I'm looking at this incorrectly... I'm stuck in oblivion with my gamer tag attached to a different email address than my Windows Phone/Outlook account. I've been holding off on buying any games on my WP8 device because it seems to me I need to make sure that my gamer tag is attached to my Outlook account that powers my WP8 services. Otherwise any XBOX live stuff I do/have/buy will be attached to a bogus gamer tag on XBOX?

    My dilemma is that when I originally setup my XBOX live account it was under a gmail address and I've since gone to an Outlook account which also serves as my primary Microsoft Account. However, all my XBOX services are attached to my gamer tag which is attached to my old gmail account. So I can't access my XBOX Music/Video or Games services via Windows Phone until I change the gamer tag over.

    I know how to make the change on the gamer tag but because of Microsoft's ridiculous gamer tag change rules I have to wait the better part of a month before any of the changes are complete.

    Is my thinking correct on the XBOX Live, Music/Video, Games topic?
    12-18-2012 02:19 PM
  2. jonesychris's Avatar
    I ran into this issue, i setup one Microsoft account on my Win8 pc and used it when i setup my phone, then i realized my Xbox account (on an old email i didn't use anymore) had all that stuff.
    I basically wiped out my phone and signed in with my xbox account (yes this required starting over, I did it 1 day into my phone, no big deal)
    Then I changed my windows ID from my computer to an alternate email adddress i'm not using. Then in 30 days (which happens this week) I can move my Xbox ID to the email address I want to use (this is annoying and can see it frustrating many users).
    They wont let you do 2 changes to an ID within 30 days (so moving my Win8 pc off the ID counted as 1)
    12-18-2012 02:25 PM

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