1. fitchalcyone's Avatar
    Hey, everyone. When Microsoft released WP8, they provided a new flip animation for the Live Tiles; me and my sister refer to it as the "sexy flip" just because the animation is fancier.

    Oddly, I've noticed the flip isn't consistent, where at times it will do the old, flat flip. Other times it will flip and "overshoot" (half-sexy) and also do the rear-back and overshoot flip, which I see demo units at the store doing every time I'm there. Does anyone know what causes the tiles to stop doing the new flip? I know this isn't a very substantial topic but I'd like to pinpoint a cause, if any.
    12-20-2012 09:09 PM
  2. Optimus82's Avatar
    Some tiles aren't drinking their milk
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    12-20-2012 09:10 PM
  3. brmiller1976's Avatar
    I wonder if some WP7 apps do the "old flip" for compatibility?
    12-20-2012 11:58 PM
  4. fitchalcyone's Avatar
    I wonder if some WP7 apps do the "old flip" for compatibility?
    I forgot to specify that I am mainly just seeing this occur on a contact's specific tile. Occasionally it'll do the new flip, but more often than not it's the old one, even if it's for the same "event" (e.g. post to Facebook).
    12-21-2012 12:22 AM
  5. fitchalcyone's Avatar
    I don't think I've ever noticed it before, but I have two People Hub tiles on my main screen flipping as I'm writing this; my Me Tile is doing the half-sexy and my fiancee's is only doing the old one. It may be worth mentioning that mine is noting a Facebook update while my fiancee's tile is a new message notification, though I've had the "new message" use the new animation on various occasions.
    12-21-2012 10:03 PM

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