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    Hey everyone!

    I wasn't sure if this was a WP8 issue, a Lumia 920 issue, or whether it is due to portico, which was successfully installed recently and has been largely helpful otherwise. There's also a possibility that I caused this problem on my own so I'm completely open to any suggestions. Now then, on to the issue:

    I'll start out by saying that I keep close tabs on apps that run in the background, for data and battery saving purposes. For example, I could care less if the WhitePages app updates my location regularly since I use it very infrequently, thus that is blocked from running in the background. I do regularly glance at the Weather Channel's live tile (which does work for the record) so I keep that background service running, so on and so forth.

    I was a huge fan of the 'live' lockscreen feature included in Windows 8 and it was one of the first things I started to investigate when I got the phone. I used the facebook lockscreen for a few weeks, successfully, but then got a little bored of it and switched it off. It worked well though and updated as I asked. I next used Astronomy Lockscreen to update the wallpaper every day, a nice addition to prevent me from having the same old lockscreen wallpaper over and over. That also worked like magic, updating once a day.

    This last week, locksider+ went free, as a lot of you may have seen. Naturally, I happily snagged it and immediately enabled the weather feature. I set the frequency of updates to "once every four hours" and then cemented the settings by forcing an update. After a long day, though, I noticed no update to wallpaper or weather. So I opened the background applications tab and saw that it was functioning. Then I opened up the app again, reviewed my settings and forced an update, which worked. Still, a day later, it hadn't updated on its own.

    Fed up, I decided to try out a different lockscreen app, gasbuddy, which came out today on WP8. This app wouldn't update AT ALL. Just the default blank wallpaper. I tried another, the Weave reader, a favorite among us WP'ers. ^^ The wallpaper said "this wallpaper will update when the live tile updates". After several hours, nothing. I opened the app manually and saw that there were several new stories. Locked and turned on the screen, still no change.

    All this done, I thought maybe my phone was just all bugged down and there was an OS-level problem. I set it to the facebook lockscreen again and that worked normally. So the mystery continues...Nonetheless, considering this is the only issue I really have, I'm pretty blessed, no dust under the screen or busted hardware . Still, the comments for these apps on the wpcentral site don't include any similar complaints and the reviewers clearly didn't have any of these issues. Anyone care to chime in or offer some advice? Long live WP!
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    12-26-2012 07:09 PM
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    First off , no it's not your fault Locksider + is faulty and doesn't update periodically and the dev is working on it .
    second off , and most importantly don't disable features to save batteries (specially location, and apps that run in the background)
    the fact is WP8 works well without you interfering and the fact that you stop apps from working in the background actually consumes more when you try to close them , just leave them open and the OS will deal with them ( the CPU you'll waste clicking on back button and closing them all will be much greater than what they actually use (ironic isn't it ) , you're not in Android anymore relax ... Only GPS Navigation / Bluetooth / H+ internet and 4g one , and Wlan consume noticeable power , the rest are cool .
    (That is on PORTICO ONLY) .

    Third of all , try facebook lockscreen it works perfectly but be sure to stop or delete other apps that change the lock screen first.
    12-27-2012 01:14 AM
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    Ok thanks! Guess I should be less paranoid.
    12-27-2012 01:58 AM

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