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    Hi guys, I have collected all the Windows Phone 8 features that I would like to be implemented with the future releases of the O.S.
    I wrote this list with WP User Voice links. For the people who doesn't know what WP User Voice is: it's a forum run by Microsoft where people can suggest and vote for new features of Windows Phone.
    It could be interesting to complete this list with your suggestions and maybe take this thread up so every WP user can vote.

    This is my list, what would you add?

    1) VPN Support
    Add VPN or DirectAccess
    2) Documents, Music, Photo, ecc folders accessible by third-party apps

    1) Automatic Download of images
    Emails Download Pictures Automatically
    2) Better Email Attachments (documents and pdfs)
    Enable document attachment in emails

    Photo Hub
    1) Share Pictures from Skydrive's albums without saving them to the phone's memory
    Share pictures saved in Skydrive albums directly from Picture Hub - without saving them on the phone
    2) Adding a picture to Skydrive's folders and subfolders in Photo Hub (actually it's grey)
    In the Picture Hub, SkyDrive subfolders aren't given picture icons. Please fix this.

    People Hub
    1) Better aggregation of redundant entries in people's cards
    Aggregate redundant entries of contact informations

    1) Add places and tag people in Facebook status updates from "Me" tile
    Tag (Facebook) friends in status updates
    2) Receive Facebook messages from offline friends

    System, Notifications
    1) Notification Center
    notification center with toasts on lockscreen
    2) Enable/Disable ringtones individually for third-party apps (this is fundamental I think)
    Enable/Disable ringtones individually for third-party apps
    3) Alfabethical order of Settings menu (it's quite a mess now)
    Alphabetical order list of options in "Settings"
    4) Contextual Search
    Contextual search
    5) Separation of ringtone and media volume
    Control ringtone and media volume separately

    Integration with Microsoft ecosystem
    1) Bookmark sync with IE
    Browser bookmark sync
    2) Xbox Video integration
    Provide the ability for the Xbox Video app to play purchased and rented Xbox content

    Sorry for my english, it's not perfect.
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