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    I posted this before for WP7, but I would love to see an application written that gives me a tile on my homescreen to open Internet Sharing. With my Surface being Wifi-only, I use Internet Sharing daily, but it's a pain to go through 4 taps to get to it every time.

    The reason I'm bringing it up again specifically for WP8 this time is that I just noticed that NFC Interactor lets you write a tag with a shortcut to open Internet Sharing. I'd have to think that if I can program an NFC tag for this (which now takes a tap on the NFC tag, and then a tap to open the settings page), that I should be able to pin a tile to do the same with one less step.

    Any developers feel like stepping up? ;)

    Edit: After analyzing the same tag I just wrote that shortcut to, it tells me the App ID: {5B04B775-356B-4AA0-AAF8-6491FFEA5629} . I'm not a developer or else I'd do it myself, because it sounds pretty simple.
    01-02-2013 03:58 PM

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