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    This is one that questions me a little. As I liked to play with custom roms (still do) on my 7.5 device. It's always fun to customize and install all the 3rd party hacks, never mind all the other fun stuff that you can do with a fully unlocked device. I am sure there is a bunch of users here who like to play or at least hack a little here and there.

    Now that I will be jumpping into the Windows Phone 8 game very soon...(still living on my 7.8 trophy), the biggest thing I will miss is the cool tools and hacks I had with my Trophy.

    So, what is your thoughts on who will have the first fully unlocked device (this is not a interop device, this is fully unlocked AKA Rooted)and what device ?

    Will Nokia finally get it or will HTC be the winner as always ?

    I am betting on the HTC 8X.... Why ?
    1. HTC's have always been the easiest to hack
    2. Most carriers have the 8X (at least in the US)
    3. The ROM has been disasembled already by DFT (saw in a thread where a rom was ripped and a DFT member was looking at it).
    4. A lot of people already have them (more carriers better access for everyone)
    5. It's an nice mid-line device (affordable for most people under contract)

    The 920 is too limited because they block carriers, so it's very limited on who can get this phone. Sad to say, this is Nokia's fault.

    Thoughts ?
    01-03-2013 10:23 PM

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