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    I've had a Focus since the day WP came out and upgraded to a 920 the other month.

    When I was in SF, I'd look at my pictures and there was no black border around the ones in my Camera Roll and when I was taking pictures there was no black border around the screen either ie. the whole screen showed the picture that was going to be taken.

    Now while I've been travelling around Europe, I updated to Portico and everything is fine. I'm just noticing that there is a border around the photos which also pushes the picture up. So if it's a landscape photo and my phone is horizontal, the first photo will have two black borders on the top and bottom but if I scroll to the next photo, there isn't a border at the top, but the border at the bottom is now twice as large!

    The pictures are all still the same size and the camera is obviously great, it's just the only thing that irks me. Other than the brightness bug/skype issues :|

    Thanks for any insights!
    01-04-2013 04:04 AM
  2. George Ponder's Avatar
    I'm guessing it's the aspect ratio. The 920's default aspect ratio is 16:9 that expands the viewfinder image to match the screen size.
    Go into settings and choose the 4:3 Aspect Ratio and the viewfinder image will be square again with the black borders.
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    01-04-2013 01:30 PM

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