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    I had a chat with Xbox support today. It was very long, about 58 minutes long chat.

    My issues was with Xbox music pass that hasn't yet been resolved but these are the few points I've been able to get off the rep.

    • Windows Phone 8 OS is an incomplete OS which will be fixed in future, no ETA.
    • Highest support related queries come from Lumia 920 owners.
    • Mostly it isn't the hardware fault, it is the OS bugs that cause issues like SIM errors, over heating, reboots, freezes.
    • Xbox Music isn't intended to be any lower than Zune, but future updates is going to make a better UI and functions, "A zune twin, but better".
    • Windows Phone Portico isn't the big update devs are working on.
    • With Windows Phone 7.8 which is just round the corner, team has planned a well-internally-buzzed update Windows Phone 8.1
    • Windows Phone 7.8 and 8.1 are meant to crush the bugs and add functionalities users are demanded since a long time.
    • EDIT: Also, Surface RT, isn't running a complete OS. (only on re-reading transcript I realised that!)

    I am happy to copy and paste the transcript that has been emailed to me, but since it was a 58 minute chat, I am not sure anyone would be interested in that whole transcript. However, do demand :)
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    Would you please post it..or you can send it to me, whichever is best:)
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    I usually start to think about things like Windows 8.1 being released 'soon' when it is officially announced, and start to believe in it, when I have it on my phone. Just think about the infamous Windows Phone 7.5 roll-out ;-)
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    Would definitely like to at least see the portion where they said, inferred, or led you to write that WP8 is an incomplete OS, which by the way, I happen to agree with.
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    Automated Transcript Delivery
    General Info
    Chat start time Jan 6, 2013 12:40:40 PM EST
    Chat end time Jan 6, 2013 3:02:46 PM EST
    Duration (actual chatting time) 02:22:06
    Operator HE

    Chat Transcript
    info: Privacy Statement
    You are now chatting with 'One'.
    Hi One
    One: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is One. Please give me a moment to review your question.
    One: Hi Me, how are you?
    I'm good, thanks.
    One: I understand you are having some Windows Phone difficulties, is that correct?
    No, it is Xbox Music difficulties
    One: Relating with your phone, correct?
    Me: With my phone and Windows 8 PC.
    Me: Basically the cloud.
    One: Do you have any Xbox console questions?
    Me: Not Xbox console in particular, but Xbox Music on Xbox console, yes.
    Me: My questions are relating to Xbox Music.
    One: Ok, thanks for that. One moment please and I can transfer you to an agent who can better assist with your device[s] and situation. Would that be alright?
    One: Sorry for the inconvenience. One moment please.
    info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited agent.
    info: Privacy Statement
    You are now chatting with 'HE'.
    HE: Hello Me, my name is HE with Microsoft Support. Please give me a few moments as I review the information you've submitted.
    HE: If I understand right, you're having issues getting your content to appear due to OS issues and a hard reset put your phone back into a lack of cloud status?
    HE: I'm looking over the previous agent's information, and seeing that you're having issues with the cloud itself. Have you set up the cloud originally on a Windows 8 PC/Laptop prior to the Windows Phone 8?
    HE: I haven't heard from you in the last few minutes. Are you still there?
    Me: Yes
    HE: I'm looking over the previous agent's information, and seeing that you're having issues with the cloud itself. Have you set up the cloud originally on a Windows 8 PC/Laptop prior to the Windows Phone 8?
    Me: It was set up on Windows 8
    Me: I am a Zune pass holder. My music was on Zune.
    HE: A Windows 8 PC/Laptop, correct?
    Me: Then it was transfered to Windows 8 laptop.
    HE: Windows Phone 8 is an incomplete version of the OS, as it doesn't fully work with the cloud. As long as you've set it up originally with the content on the Windows 8 Laptop, it should begin to sync again. Does your content appear on the Laptop alright, just not on the phone?
    Me: Anything I download on the phone doesn't sync back to my Windows 8.
    HE: Correct, it doesn't work as intended at this point, it only works the other way around.
    HE: Content downloaded on Windows 8 will sync with other devices as enabled by the settings in the OS.
    Me: So everything I download on my Windows Phone is pointless? Because trust me, I carry my phone with me to more places than my laptop.
    HE: If you view it that way, then I assume so. I download and sync my content to my laptop, which sends it to my phone for use on the go. I prefer to be able to control my libraries instead of piecing them together in this case.
    HE: It's something that is being addressed, but currently the reverse sync for Phone to PC/Laptop doesn't operate due to the DRM/Registration and data syncs.
    HE: I imagine in time it'll be addressed, but for now it's one way.

    Me: But in the instances when a friend recommends a song or an artist or an album, I flash my new Windows Phone 8, tag it with the inbuilt music service, that takes me to the store, I get the album! Now I can't do that with my laptop. Only to find out that when I switch on my laptop, that album isn't even on the cloud!
    Me: Doesn't this violate the agreement under which I had signed up for a Zune pass? Surely the Zune pass was intended and supported the sync both ways! In mid of my subscription now I have been forced to use a new Xbox service which like you said, isn't working both ways!
    HE: Because it doesn't operate that way sadly. The phone operates as a stand alone version of the OS, and does not have the full features of the cloud. The cloud doesn't even have an official statement or use at this point as they're still attempting to figure out what direction to take it in.
    HE: The Zune Music Pass treats the Marketplace as a cloud. You can access the marketplace on your device and stream the content, can you not?
    Me: Yes, but with Zune Music pass my music in the collection was seamlessly available as soon as my phone wireless connected to my PC. Now that doesn't happen because apparently Xbox Music cloud is supposed to have all that seamlessly synced.
    HE: When you operate from a Windows 8 PC, yes.
    HE: The content is synced to your device.
    Me: How does that happen?
    HE: When you download content using your Music Pass on the Windows 8 PC/Laptop, it will sync directly to the cloud.
    HE: Using an external device that doesn't have the Windows 8 OS, the cloud can't register that, only read.
    HE: It turns it from a write to a read file.
    HE: Putting it simply, it works one way at this point.
    HE: I'm not doubting in time that it will work both ways.
    Me: I have my phone with me and my Windows 8 PC here too. I don't have the same collection on both devices. Whereas with Zune pass even if I downloaded 20 new albums on phone, as soon as I walked in the house, my phone would connect with WiFi and PC and update the contents.
    HE: With the service as new as it is, this is the current operation.
    HE: That was with Zune and the Zune Software as well as Windows Phone 7.
    HE: Windows Phone 8 has brought changes to the core system and now Zune is no longer associated as is now known as Xbox Music.
    HE: If you wish to use the Zune Music Pass on a Windows Phone 7, you can downgrade and continue as you were, no problem.
    HE: That functionality is still there on the 7 devices.
    Me: But Zune is what I have paid the annual subscription for and at no point when I made that purchase was I told that all that facility will be taken away from me and I will be given limited abilities with same money I am paying!
    HE: You're not limited. You're welcome to use the 7 devices as intended and continue as you were.
    HE: Using a Windows 8 PC or device moves you to the new system.
    Me: It doesn't say anywhere on the Zune agreement that Zune pass can ONLY be accessed using W7 devices.
    HE: If you are not satisfied with the Windows 8 PC or Phone, I would advise downgrading to continue services uninterrupted as you've had.
    HE: Have you attempted to sync your device via Zune?
    HE: It pops up stating that the software is incompatible with the device and to use the Windows Phone Desktop Application.
    Me: Like I said, I am talking about my experience with the Zune Pass. Not the software.
    HE: Correct, and with any service comes changes. To use the service on a new device like Windows Phone 8, the Service is the same as it's guaranteed unlimited streaming and downloading as you see fit.
    Me: My Zune pass allowed me to use my music subscription across Windows devices. It never said, that I cannot move further with technology if that happens. Also Zune Support on Twitter suggested "nothing will change, just the name" when I asked them prior to making a purchase of Windows Phone 8.
    HE: The way you manage that content can change though as with any generational limit on hardware.
    Me: I thought it wasn't generation limit on the hardware but incomplete OS put on a perfectly fine hardware like you said at the start of this conversation.
    HE: You can still sync your content, it just requires you to use the Windows 8 Laptop/PC until the system is configured correctly. There is no ETA for what you're seeking now which is the functionality of the old generation.
    Me: What is the procedure by which I can escalate this issue to Microsoft? Because I think incompatibility of replacement software by Microsoft shouldn't be affected my experience with a subscription service that I've paid for a year in advance.
    HE: I'll be happy to look that up for you, one moment.
    Me: I do understand what you've been suggesting that if I wanted to use my subscription service, I should never have upgraded my phone or my PC. But it is not suggested anywhere on the Zune Pass agreement that the two way sync experience will be limited if I ever was to upgrade my hardware or software.
    Me: This is a copy and paste from FAQ's of zune.net
    Me: "Your Xbox Music Pass will work with the Zune PC Software, however, the best experience for your music subscription will be on Windows 8 PC's and tablets, Windows Phone 8 devices, and Xbox 360."
    HE: Correct, allow me a moment to find the suggestion page for you to submit that request.
    Me: And you've just suggested me that if I wanted my full experience I should downgrade. I am not sure if I should be using 7 or not. Because this FAQs clearly suggests that I should be using W8 PC, WP8 and XBox 360 to have the best experience.
    HE: Correct, as nearly all users operate primarily from a Laptop/PC, they organize and distribute their music accordingly.
    HE: Your situation is unique, no doubt.
    HE: I'm not doubting in the least that the OS will be upgraded and the phone will work in time, as with any new service there are bound to be bugs and issues.
    HE: Still searching for the suggestion page for you.
    HE: Feature Suggestions: Hot (20475 ideas)
    HE: Using this will allow you to submit the functionality to be updated more quickly for unique situations such as your own.
    HE: That way you allow the free reign of syncing the content via WiFi or otherwise.
    Me: I agree that there are meant to be bugs and issues and I can live with that. I am ok with OS flaws. What I am suggesting is, if I wasn't OK, I had a chance not to upgrade, not to buy phone. But this is the subscription service that has been affected. The service I paid for a year in advance expecting it to last me for a year. I have 2 more months left and I've been trying to solve this since last 2 months! In all 4 months of subscription wasted for me!
    Me: I am aware of the uservoice.
    Me: I am not sure that is what I wanted. I've used uservoice a few times.
    HE: That would be the only way at this point to submit the request with functionality to be installed more quickly for the cloud to work in the way you desire it to.
    Me: I meant, a way in which I can escalate this to whoever this may concern directly. I am not going to sit there begging for votes for it to be considered. I hardly have so much time at hand!
    Me: Let's put it in black and white. I am not asking for functionality request. I want to know what is the way of escalating this issue as a complaint where I haven't been able to enjoy my Zune pass annual subscription for a year.
    HE: At this point then, I'm afraid there's not much we can do on our side. The cloud acts as intended for users with a Windows Phone 8 and a Windows 8 unit(PC/Laptop) The cloud is more advanced and works from the laptop/pc as the moment you add the content, it should sync and update via WiFi or 3G even if you're not in the area.
    HE: I can open a case ID on my side and escalate it up, but at this point the simple response would be the same. "It is working as intended at this point, for functionality that was available in previous releases, please revert to the working option that makes your experience best for you."
    HE: I'll still be happy to send it up if you'd like though?
    Me: What you say "It is working..." what is IT?
    Me: My Zune subscription isn't working as intended.
    HE: You're speaking of the syncing of content from the Windows Phone 7 to the Zune Software.
    Me: It was intended to have a two-way sync.
    HE: It was working previously using other integrations.
    HE: Was it not?
    Me: Zune subscription doesn't say you MUST use only Win7 devices, anywhere!
    HE: Nor did it say you are required to update to Windows 8.
    Me: If it does, why am I being forced to use a half baked cloud service?
    HE: I am agreeing with you, functionality is not available for the new generation of devices as intended.
    HE: When it is available, it will be rolled out, but at this point I'm afraid I can not assist further in this issue aside from suggesting the improvement and sending this upward at your request.

    HE: I'll be happy to do so, no questions asked.
    HE: The cloud works as intended based on the support we've received and requests as we've tested this as well.
    HE: There are issues pursuant even to the Surface now not being a fully operational version of the Win8 OS also.
    HE: (RT)
    HE: But, that's another issue entirely.

    HE: The main line at this point is that you had functionality on older generation of service/devices.
    Me: I will be happy if you can send it upward for me. This is from your website "An Xbox Music Pass will work on Windows 7 PC's and Windows Phone 7. However, to access the enhanced features and full benefits, an Xbox Music Pass must be enjoyed on Windows 8 PC's and tablets, and Windows Phone 8 devices. You can continue to find support for your Windows Phone 7 on xbox.com."
    HE: If that functionality is not present at this point on the newer generation of devices as you need it to be, then it would be best to use the older generation of devices until available.
    Me: Yes, but with change of Zune to Xbox Music - the website is clearly suggesting I should change to Win8 devices for full and enhanced experience which in fact is a throttled experience at best!
    HE: I understand and agree that is as the website says. I'm not disputing that. The experience was intended for users to organize and use their libraries on the PC and the Laptop.
    HE: Users in unique situations such as yours, the experience is not the best as you live on your device as you're stating.
    HE: You thrive on your phone and use it to manage in ways that normal consumers can't.
    HE: Being a technophile myself, I'm in love with my device and use it for managing more than my PC and Tablets at home.
    HE: I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    Me: The experience wasn't supposed to change at all, however I use my devices.
    Me: I am a Zune Music Pass Subscriber. Can I use my Zune Music Pass subscription to take advantage of the new Xbox Music service? Answer -- Yes. And the best part, there's nothing you need to do. Current Zune Music Pass customers will automatically become Xbox Music Pass customers and will have access to everything they love about Zune and more. However, to enjoy the enhanced features and full benefits, an Xbox Music Pass must be enjoyed on Windows 8 PC's and tablets, Windows Phone 8 devices, and Xbox 360. Learn more about the Xbox Music Pass. You can now manage your Xbox Music Pass by signing on xbox.com.
    HE: Exactly, but it has due to the new technology, there are issues that we are aware of and being worked out.
    HE: Correct.
    HE: Allow me a moment to start the escalation process for your request.
    Me: It says I will have access to EVERYTHING I love about Zune! - but where is the two way sync?! Then it asks to move on to Win 8 devices, which I did and still don't have the experiencE!
    HE: Your escalation case is saved under 1xxxxxx. Oddly enough though, I just tested it on a Windows Phone 8 (HTC 8X) Based on the situation I've found,
    HE: It's working?
    HE: The settings are enabled, the cloud syncs the music I downloaded on the phone.
    HE: It's appearing on my Windows 8 Test PC.
    HE: Are you sure you've enabled all the settings in the Xbox Music on the Computer?
    HE: It's under 'My Music' and downloads the content directly from the cloud when I loaded up the Windows 8 PC test unit.
    Me: Yes, all cloud settings are enabled on both devices. I get this error thrown at me - c101a9cb if I even try to force download same songs or albums that are not synced!
    HE: Let me check that error and see what that is. I'm not familiar with that error.
    HE: General phone error: content sync failure.
    HE: If you head into Email+Accounts, can you tap and hold the primary LIve ID used for the Music Pass and select 'sync' ?
    HE: See if it provides the same error?
    Me: Give me a sec please
    HE: Take your time, I'd like to fix this if possible instead of waiting on an escalation request.
    Me: It synced totally fine. No errors.
    Me: My twitter and LinkedIn are both linked to that account and they sync find too.
    HE: Okay, now when you try to enable and get a new album does it sync to your Windows 8 Laptop?
    Me: Took only 5-6 seconds over 3G.
    HE: For example, grab a new album on your phone.
    HE: See if it reverse syncs over 3G then over WiFi.
    HE: It should be working over 3G regardless, due to OTA updates.
    HE: But we can test both.
    Me: Ok, now I've got the new James Arthur's Impossible on my phone's collection.
    Me: It's downloaded on the phone, so I am presuming it is in the cloud too?
    HE: Alright, when you open Xbox Music on the laptop, it should appear in 'My Music' or Downloading.
    HE: If all the settings are enabled on the device and on the afformentioned laptop.
    Me: Nope. Is there a way I can show you my screenshot?
    Me: That album doesn't appear. It signs me in.
    Me: I go to my Music, go to J - for James Arthur, nothing.
    HE: It's not appearing under 'downloading' or anything?
    Me: Where would I see "downloading"?
    HE: Let's check this right quick.
    HE: If you hit Windows Key + C for charms.
    HE: Settings.
    HE: On the Laptop.
    HE: There should be something that's called 'Preferences'.
    HE: On there, it has multiple switches/settings.
    Me: Ok I'm in
    HE: These need to be set up on the Windows Phone as well.
    Me: Everything is switch to ON or are in my theme colour
    HE: It should say 'Download content on multiple devices when I download on one'.
    HE: Alright, now let's do the same on the Windows Phone under Xbox Music.
    HE: There should be a similar swatch.
    HE: I believe they're called Swatches.
    HE: Switches, etc.
    HE: If these are not enabled on all devices, it will only work one way.
    Me: Yes, all switches are turned on
    HE: We can exit the app on the PC, restart the phone right quick, then force sync and see if it starts sending immediately.
    Me: On the phone all swithces are ON, suggestions are ON and Include music from store for Smart DJ is ticked.
    HE: Alright, then the settings aren't carrying over for some reason. Are you on WiFi currently or 3G exclusively?
    Me: WiFi and 3G. But I turn it off when I am charging my phone wireless because apparently wireless charger and WiFi ON, sends Lumia 920 into a manic reboot loop - a whole different story!
    HE: That's...yeah, another nightmare relating to Sim Cards, but we won't touch that for now.

    HE: Okay, let's do a clean sync then. Ensuring they're the same Live ID's, etc. I'm sure you're already set up, so let's just restart the Xbox Music App on the Windows 8 Laptop, then power cycle the phone leaving it off for 45 seconds.
    Me: To be honest I was a happy man with all the 7 devices. If it wasn't for Xbox move, I wouldn't have upgraded.
    HE: If it doesn't work after this, I'll submit it upwards as something not working with the cloud one way for you.
    HE: I honestly agree with you as well.
    HE: Zune and 7 have far more functionality at this point than the 8.
    HE: Personal opinion, not of Microsoft, etc.
    HE: Just have to state that to cover myself.
    Me: Ok, I have restarted my phone.
    HE: It has been off for 45 seconds?
    HE: (When the power is cut to the phone, the Live ID falls off the sync. This is more or less required for any changes.)
    HE: Then it reacquires the updated details/info.
    Me: No, when I said restarted, I turned it off. There is no restart option for WP!
    HE: Right, just leave it off for 45 seconds..
    HE: Any time you change settings in the future as well, be it for Xbox Music, Live, Windows Live ID, etc, the device has to be off for 45 seconds or so to ensure the fresh connection and updates are sent to the device.
    HE: Oddly enough, this happens when syncing content too based on the 8X I'm using.
    Me: That's strange in this day and age, but 45 seconds is OK, I'm never in that much of a rush.
    HE: I agree with you. Better safe then sorry in my opinion as tech support. Things don't work, I just have to try and find a way to make said items work.
    Me: 8X has had less issues pertaining to software but most Lumia 920s are being sent back to Nokia inspite of this shortage of supply because most of us think it isn't the OS, it is the hardware. The only reason - we've learnt to live with the fact that WP OS is the most stable thing that ever happened to a smartphone! And now this.
    HE: I can't talk about our partners, but I can safely say a higher volume of my support involves 920's mostly over heating, sim card errors, freezes and reboots. Software side.

    Me: I've turned on the phone now.
    HE: Alright. Once we do this, we'll attempt one more album.
    HE: After the album fully downloads, turn on the Application ont he Laptop.
    HE: Then it should prompt you to 'my Music' where it shows new content being downloaded.
    Me: Ok downloading snowman and the snowdog on my phone.
    HE: Great. After this, we'll confirm it's just not syncing and I'll send it upwards.
    Me: I know, it's too 2012 but that had a pretty picture!
    HE: Heh.
    HE: Updating the notes on the escalation for you just in case this doesn't work.
    Me: Ok all 13 songs downloaded.
    HE: Alright, let's go ahead and turn on the Xbox Music Application on the Laptop.
    Me: Should I be restarting my phone now or just go to Xbox app on laptop?
    HE: Should just be the laptop.
    HE: Phone's done it's part.
    HE: The sync request has been sent.
    Me: Ok so there is this download error tiny box in the center top - which I swear never was there!
    HE: Upper right?
    HE: If you click it, what does it say?
    HE: It sounds as if it's trying to sync.
    HE: Just not successful.
    Me: It says - 800700b7
    HE: Let me check that fo r you.
    Me: 0xc00d11cd
    HE: Media..player...error?
    HE: Interesting. One moment.
    Me: It says can't download. Then asks me to contact support via xbox.com hyperlink followed by those two error codes.
    HE: That's something with the application.
    HE: Can you uninstall Xbox Music and reinstall it for me?
    Me: I cannot copy and paste those pop ups like in Windows 7!
    HE: Something is not working correctly with Media player in the application.
    HE: No worries, I understand.
    HE: The error code's directly related to the content being unable to be acquired by the application.
    Me: Ah! Will I lose everything that has so far been downloaded?
    HE: I don't believe so, it's all tied to your ID.
    HE: The content remains, it's just the Application itself.
    Me: Let's try that.
    HE: I appreciate your patience, let's go that route. I'm confirming what else can cause this.
    Me: Ok, gone. Deleted.
    HE: Just to ensure you're up to date, you have all Windows Updates on the 8 Laptop, right?
    HE: You can get it back no problem from the Microsoft Store on the laptop.
    Me: Yeah, the last one was about 4 days ago. There wasn't any updates this morning when I checked.
    HE: It may have failed to update and this caused the error.
    HE: Alright, good.
    HE: Let's just get a fresh version of XBM.
    HE: Yeah, looking at the core components of the error code it screams general. Something didn't pull correctly from the device.
    Me: Ok, it's taking it's own time to get that app for me. I've clicked installed and I'm staring at running beads/dots on top.
    HE: I'm imagining this error popped up every single time on Xbox Music but disappeared if not clicked on.
    HE: Understood, appreciate your patience.
    HE: I believe the laptop has been trying to sync the music but it hasn't had a chance to acquire the content.
    HE: Something on the device preventing it from happening.
    HE: When you download music on the laptop, it works just fine, right?
    Me: Yes, it downloads seamlessly on laptop but the issue is - both devices don't talk!
    Me: So nothing goes to cloud and back.
    Me: What is downloaded on laptop stays on laptop and what is downloaded on phone stays on phone.
    HE: Right, but the cloud sends the data to the phone and it syncs just fine, just not the other way around, correct?
    HE: It doesn't even work the other way around?
    Me: The only "common" music I have is what was downloaded when Zune was alive.
    HE: Very strange, okay so it's far worse than anticipated.
    Me: Cloud has only sent the albums from Zune, not from Xbox Music.
    Me: My market is still trying to get that XBM - which is strange. The longest it's taken to download any app on my laptop.
    HE: Was this content you purchased or just music pass?
    HE: I know purchased content appears in the cloud across all.
    Me: Just the music pass. Downloaded content.
    HE: That is strange how your laptop is taking a while to get the content..
    HE: Okay, just making notes on my side.
    HE: I'm hoping it's not just your laptop not communicating right.
    HE: It sounds like the phone's done it's part, just can't download on the laptop.
    Me: I tried to close the market and download Wordament - the game and it's installed in no time!
    Me: Trying XBM download again.
    HE: Very strange.. So getting the application doesn't work from the store on Xbox Music. It's not downloading the complete file but a smaller application downloads just fine..?
    Me: Yeah, it isn't downloading XBM for me. It downloaded a game just fine in less than 4-5 seconds!
    HE: Let me check to see if there's a way to confirm just how big XBM is, one moment.
    Me: I'm reading through the reviews, doesn't look like I'm the only one.
    Me: 27.8 MB
    HE: Yeah, that's not that long.
    HE: Over WiFi should be less than 2 minutes.
    HE: No status bars or anything?
    Me: Nope
    Me: Just the running dots
    Me: The back arrow has gone gray
    Me: So I can't browse other apps unless I shut the market and reopen it.
    HE: Mn.. I'm trying to get it now on my connection.
    HE: Uninstalled..
    HE: Marketplace..
    HE: Trying now.
    HE: Huh. Done.
    HE: Okay...that's odd.
    HE: Other apps download just fine just not Xbox Music on your Laptop.
    Me: Will it be some library files that aren't uninstalled properly?
    HE: Did you upgrade from a Windows 7 laptop to a Win8 using the upgrade or just bought it as a Win8 preinstalled?
    Me: Like you said some media player issue that is preventing a new download?
    Me: I upgraded from Windows 7 laptop.
    HE: The general error doesn't point to anything specific, just something with Windows Media Player.
    Me: I am one of those hype-buyers Microsoft counts on with every launch! ;)
    HE: Totally understandable. Curious though, I'm thinking the libraries weren't communicating correctly.
    HE: Once we get XBM installed, we can manage and modify the libraries in which my music downloads.
    HE: As I think that the music from the Phone doesn't download to a correct folder/file.
    Me: Will I require a reboot on this laptop?
    HE: If the installation fails on this point, I'd have to advise it. I'm going to go ahead and update some notes here if you're chatting on that so you'll have a case number and chat with us directly if this fails.
    HE: Do you know how to chat with us directly instead of waiting for Xbox Support?
    HE: I can get you a link you can save and click on when you restart.
    Me: No never done it, never needed it.
    Me: Ok, that will help.
    HE: Understandable. The website is http://gethelp.live.com and select Windows Phone 8 as well as the Xbox Music situation.
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to xxxxx at the end of your chat.
    HE: Updated the case ID under 1xxxxxxx. When we finish this testing, we will go ahead and move forward with the escalation as soon as we ensure that the error code happens even after reinstalling Xbox Music.
    HE: (Submitting it now would result in them coming back in a week saying 'Try to uninstall/reinstall' then close the case.)
    HE: I'd prefer to get all troubleshooting so they can dig deeper for you.
    Me: Ok, I will save that ID and have also requested the transcript in case I lose it.
    Me: Bookmarked the page. So after the restart will try to install and see if it works.
    HE: I'm glad I could at least try and troubleshoot this and appreciate your patience Me. Indeed, please let us know if this does not sync correctly.
    HE: We'd like to see your issue resolved. I'll leave your case open for now.
    HE: Anything else I can try to help with?
    Me: Thank you for your patience and trying to help me.
    HE: Anytime. I enjoy active customers like you.
    HE: It makes me actually feel like my job is challenging.
    Me: This was the only bugging issue apart from a ton of OS related issues, but I think that will need a few more patches released before summer hopefully.
    HE: They're aiming for the 8.1 soon, but I can't say much else.
    HE: It's going to be a ghost update though.
    HE: So it's automatic.
    Me: Ha! That gives me hope!
    HE: Hopefully it'll clear out most of your issues and the rebooting of the Sim card as well.
    Me: Its like light at the end of the tunnel.
    HE: I'm glad I could at least do that. :)
    Me: But 8.1 isn't Portico is it?
    Me: Because I already have Portico and things have worsened
    HE: Mn, no I don't believe so. That's further down the line.
    HE: I prefer to be able to see what's clear and concise before making decisions, but there's just a lack of clear understanding on what they're doing now with the updates. With 7.8 coming out soon, they're going to align something else with it in time.
    Me: Ah, hopefully that isn't Portico and is actual update that fixes stuff. Portico has only brought 3 key features in call reject, sms drafts and wifi-on
    HE: Eech, yeah, I doubt that's the release they keep buzzing about. It will be the one that fixes all the bugs we are busy supporting right now and add a few features.
    Me: Hopefully 8.1 and 8.5 are filled with bux fixes and then a bit of features. It feels like using an Android right now having used Windows Phone 7.0, 7.1 and 7.5 for about 2 years!
    HE: Definitely, the features that have been demanded for by our users for a long time. Surely current one might feel as dated as the old hardware is. I appreciate your patience and will note you're a hardcore Windows User and expect the best with everything you invest in. :) Anything else I can help with today before you try to restart and troubleshoot?

    Me: You've been of great help, I hope you do get a few more active customers to keep you sane and active at work before you go home and grab a drink!
    Me: I will reboot and come back soon.
    HE: Definitely! You are most kind, thank you very much. We will be here for you and continue to do so 24 hours a day.
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to xxxx at the end of your chat.
    HE: Have a great day if we do not speak again Me!
    HE: To end your chat session please click the above the chat window. If you have any additional questions after you disconnect, feel free to contact us again. Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Support.
    Taiger78 likes this.
    01-06-2013 03:37 PM
  6. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Ok only changed my and operator's name and highlighted what I could see was relating to those bullet points. If there are any more chat lines I've missed to highlight, let me know.
    01-06-2013 03:48 PM
  7. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    "Me: But 8.1 isn't Portico is it?
    Me: Because I already have Portico and things have worsened
    HE: Mn, no I don't believe so. That's further down the line.

    The way that reads, it's almost like he thinks Portico isn't out yet, and that it follows 8.1.
    01-06-2013 03:58 PM
  8. aubreyq's Avatar
    Thanks. Appreciate you posting the transcript. So far I've only skimmed it but what I've read is good stuff.
    01-06-2013 04:00 PM
  9. aubreyq's Avatar
    "Me: But 8.1 isn't Portico is it?
    Me: Because I already have Portico and things have worsened
    HE: Mn, no I don't believe so. That's further down the line.

    The way that reads, it's almost like he thinks Portico isn't out yet, and that it follows 8.1.
    Hmmm...That surely hurts the credibility of the rep's knowledge of the subject.
    01-06-2013 04:02 PM
  10. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Hmmm...That surely hurts the credibility of the rep's knowledge of the subject.
    I think he meant 8.1 is further down the line. Because later on in the chat he mentioned that Portico isn't the one that has been creating the buzz.
    01-06-2013 04:11 PM
  11. eric12341's Avatar
    MS has stated around when mango was in development that WP won't be where they want it to be for at least 4 years or so until then it is incomplete. Also if something was really complete then there wouldn't be any updates and the like.
    01-06-2013 06:44 PM
  12. narv's Avatar

    HE: Eech, yeah, I doubt that's the release they keep buzzing about. It will be the one that fixes all the bugs we are busy supporting right now and add a few features.

    He doubt's that Portico is the update so he doesn't know what Portico was? And wasn't portico supposed to fix a bunch of bugs like random reboots (which he says he still supports) and added a few features?
    01-06-2013 07:30 PM
  13. rockstarzzz's Avatar

    HE: Eech, yeah, I doubt that's the release they keep buzzing about. It will be the one that fixes all the bugs we are busy supporting right now and add a few features.

    He doubt's that Portico is the update so he doesn't know what Portico was? And wasn't portico supposed to fix a bunch of bugs like random reboots (which he says he still supports) and added a few features?
    No Portico never promised bug fixes. They hardly knew about severity of bugs in December. Considering we started seeing real handsets only in November in some part of the world.
    01-07-2013 02:55 AM
  14. D0gsballs's Avatar
    Could it be the rep was UK based as we don't have it yet?
    01-07-2013 03:11 AM
  15. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Could it be the rep was UK based as we don't have it yet?
    I think with Microsoft all the launches, releases means the day they do it first in the USA. The rest of the world is always in a "roll out". So I am guessing he was USA based as Portico has efficiently rolled out in most of the USA right now.
    01-07-2013 06:08 AM
  16. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    MS has stated around when mango was in development that WP won't be where they want it to be for at least 4 years or so until then it is incomplete. Also if something was really complete then there wouldn't be any updates and the like.
    Of course no OS will ever be a final OS. But I've experience WP8 < WP7.x in terms of stability and robustness. Plus, we've had so many threads about constant issues and so many of us have swapped handset after the handset in hope of resolving it. But turns out it is the OS!
    01-07-2013 07:24 AM

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