1. sueha's Avatar
    Hey there! I am using my Lumia 920 for about 2 months now. But yet I struggled to set my music up like I do with my PC.

    With my PC is use FooBar2000, a simple but powerful music application (which I highly recommend to everyone). Does anybody else use Foobar2000? I just want to export my playlists to my Lumia 920. How can I do that? And what is the folder "Playlists" for? I just find that music app too stupid tbh.

    Thank you, guys!
    01-06-2013 04:58 PM
  2. JussiRM's Avatar
    Yes, foobar2000 is a great (if not the best) program for listening music. If you want to save your current playlist, you can go Select -> Save Playlist, from the menu. You can also press Ctrl + S for this. Save in M3U format. I don't know where you can save the playlists so that the WP8 recognizes them, but at the very least you can use the Windows Phone 8 app to sync that playlist to the device. If you actually have a folder on your phone called "Playlists", I think that's where they should be put.
    01-06-2013 11:30 PM
  3. ExcaliburII's Avatar
    use windows media player to copy over any playlists to your phone.

    the easiest way is to create them through Windows media player.

    - plug phone into computer.
    - Open media player
    - Click on playlists, then create new
    - drag all songs you want in that...
    01-06-2013 11:47 PM
  4. spyderzWPC's Avatar
    wow this seems absolutely stupid...for a media device to not be able to import a play list is just ridiculous
    01-13-2013 11:30 AM

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