1. dookie dave's Avatar
    i know there is a low, medium, high setting, and i know there is an auto setting, so dont repeat it...

    i want to adjust my brightness lower than the low setting. low is too bright, especially at night. i dont really like the auto brightness.

    i was wondering if there was an app or someway to adjust the brightness like the iphone where i can set to it the exact amount of brightness that i want?

    please let me know if there is!
    01-08-2013 11:09 PM
  2. dookie dave's Avatar
    01-09-2013 02:51 AM
  3. kevin2577's Avatar
    Nope, those settings are the only ones.
    01-09-2013 03:52 AM
  4. AngryNil's Avatar
    Can't. Which is truly stupid, low is way too bright.
    01-09-2013 05:09 AM
  5. dookie dave's Avatar
    Can't. Which is truly stupid, low is way too bright.
    01-09-2013 05:50 PM

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