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    Hello all, I thought I would let you know my experience after my HTX 8x died suddenly, just 28 days in. You can read what happened here. http://forums.windowscentral.com/htc...ml#post1852528

    After I logged into my Microsoft account for the first time on the replacement phone, I was impressed with the speed and ease with which the backup was downloaded and applied to my phone. So what did I get back, what did I lose? Here's the story so far.

    All my e-mail accounts (plus even a custom SSL certificate) and associated social networking accounts were re-applied, all I had to do was type in the password for each one to complete the process. It re-synced all my contacts, calendars, tasks etc and remembered my specific email settings. It didn't remember my custom sub-folders that I sync for certain e-mail accounts. It did create an 'All other inboxes' linked inbox but it didn't restore any of my linked inboxes that I had created.

    My settings for the People app were remembered including filtered contacts lists. It also placed my Me tile on the Start Screen.

    Phone / SMS
    My entire Phone history was restored as was my SMS history to date, including my custom replies and SMS settings.

    Start Screen / Lock Screen / Kids Corner
    My customised Start Screen was not remembered at all and I got the default 8X tiles. Also, Kids Corner settings were also lost and the Lock Screen was also default with no PIN set and default notification apps. Luckily, since I recently posted my Start Screen to WPCentral, I've got a screenshot, so I can return it what it was.

    My ringtones and sound settings were remembered.

    None of my saved local maps were there but none of them were offered to be re-downloaded either.

    Wifi / Bluetooth
    Very disappointed that none of my Wifi access points were remembered and none of my Bluetooth pairings were restored either.

    None of my alarms were remembered.

    This was perhaps the biggest surprise. As soon as the restore had finished, the phone notified me that it was about to re-install ALL of my previously installed apps back onto my phone and then directed me to turn on Wifi and save on my data plan. Sure enough, my entire list of apps and games started to trickle in as 'pending' (I've got over 90) and it switched to Wifi after I set it up. Nice.

    All my Wallet payment options were restored to the phone but worryingly the PIN is not restored meaning that if you forget to re-enable it, unauthorised purchases can occur just from restoring a backup.

    IE settings do not appear to be retained because on opening IE for the first time, it asked whether I wanted to use recommended settings or custom. However, all my IE Favourites were restored.
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    01-11-2013 10:09 AM
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    i've been multiple restores, i thinkt he restore feature on this phone is not good. There are some settings that dont save and not having the tiles saved, sucks.
    01-11-2013 01:34 PM

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