1. iPwnza's Avatar
    Other just hit 6 gig on my phone. My space is almost full, only 4 gigs remaining. I know this is the app catche, but is there any way to clear it on my dev unlocked phone?
    01-18-2013 07:01 AM
  2. Ed Boland's Avatar
    I need help with this also.. Just hit 7.5GB in "other".. Have no idea what to do with it...
    01-18-2013 07:35 AM
  3. pankaj981's Avatar
    Free ie cache
    01-18-2013 07:38 AM
  4. bawboh86's Avatar
    Delete your recent history in IE. That got me an extra 3/4 of a GB. Other than that, I don't think there's a real way to clear that out, yet.
    01-18-2013 08:40 AM
  5. SaucePolicy's Avatar
    Sorry to say but the only real way to free up a significant amount of Other space is to hard reset the phone. My Other was 3.48GB then I reset and after setting it all up the exact same way my other was 2.14GB. So there was 1.34GB of wasted storage. Not important "app data" or anything my phone needed. Legit wasted storage. Clearing IE history might get you 500MB. If you downloaded maps, delete those. This issue with Other eating up free space is a huge problem and I wish Microsoft would address it. Or if someone came out with a file cleanup app, that would be amazing.
    01-18-2013 09:19 AM
  6. iPwnza's Avatar
    I freed it, only got me a half gig. Still need more.
    01-18-2013 02:02 PM
  7. index1366's Avatar
    I think that the solution for clearing this would come in handy to many users, because this "other" data is pretty annoying..
    01-18-2013 02:06 PM
  8. Skeeder's Avatar
    Just checked mine right after a IE clear. 6.46GB. Not sure what it is either. I assumed apps/maps (maps are like...2.5?GB) but still...
    01-22-2013 11:33 AM
  9. pvcleave's Avatar
    I deleted My Battery and Battery Sense and got back almost a GB in Other.
    01-22-2013 11:59 AM
  10. slashd0t's Avatar
    Microsoft really needs to fix this mess... On my 920, I had 6GB consumed while only have 1GB in App Data and 1.5GB of Music. No device should use 6GB in "Cache".. This is clearly going to be a major problem for people who have 8GB of storage on their devices.. iOS, Android, BB, MeeGo etc are all able to handle cache without it consuming a majority of the devices memory.. This is clearly poor coding that Microsoft needs to sort out asap.
    01-22-2013 11:59 AM
  11. Darkgift's Avatar
    This is definitely a problem.
    01-22-2013 12:18 PM
  12. austinlewis's Avatar
    Its totally ridiculous. I have a Lumia 920 and "other" is at 7.12 gb. (and I just cleared out my IE cache). Really hope they work out a fix for this.
    slashd0t likes this.
    01-22-2013 10:29 PM

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