1. imem's Avatar
    When do the update come to EU?
    Btw where and how do you see what version you have now.
    Sent from my RM-821_eu_sweden_235 using Board Express
    01-24-2013 11:02 PM
  2. Mizmo's Avatar
    01-25-2013 07:03 AM
  3. imem's Avatar
    Okay thanks hopefully its soon
    Will be interesting to se if there's a improvement to battery life
    Sent from my RM-821_eu_sweden_235 using Board Express
    01-26-2013 11:46 AM
  4. imem's Avatar
    Got my update now I'm satisfied with battery life befor update will be interesting to se if there is a improvement on a more then okay battery life
    02-08-2013 09:29 AM
  5. imem's Avatar
    I had some wild decharging of my Lumia after portico I found that the light of the screen was set to high after update set it back to medium and now I got 60-70% left after a full day medium use.
    02-13-2013 03:41 AM

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