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    so, i have a 1 month xbox music pass right now, and i downloaded a bunch of songs, and i must say i love it on my 920 paired with bose AE2 headphones, but i was downloading some linkin park songs and one of the songs downloaded, but it does not show up in my library, but if i go to the store i cant download it, it says its in collection, and if i stream the rest of the album, it plays fine WITHOUT streaming that particular song, but every other one streams. i cannot delete the song, i even plugged it into my computer and deleted the song manually, but it still says its there! if i make a playlist of only that song, the playlist shows up as having no songs! i just want to listen to castle of glass :(
    any ideas? im thinking of downloading it and putting a non-drm version on my phone to see if that will work, and im not going to reset my phone unless i can backup the phone then restore it via my computer. (i dont think thats possible is it?)
    01-26-2013 07:54 PM

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